[The Star] BTOB’s The ★ Selca – Boyfriend vs Monster selcas

신곡 '스릴러'로 활동 중인 비투비의 셀카 / 사진 : 더스타 DB

Returning to the music scene with their 3rd mini album ‘Thriller’ and same name title track, BTOB once again grabbed fans hearts with their high quality selcas.

In a variety interview of ‘Love and War’ with ‘The Star’ on 5th September, BTOB took boyfriends and monsters selcas.

Maknae Sungjae who aces as the warm visual was the first to take hold of the camera and started posing various poses with different expressions. Sungjae made use of curtains on the filming set and followed after, completing the ‘boyfriend’ picture with his prince image.

While preparing for their new album, Sungjae revealed that he managed his skin well, switching cleansing creams for about 3 times. Indeed, he grabs female hearts with his beautiful boy image in the ‘monster’ selca.

신곡 '스릴러'로 활동 중인 비투비의 셀카 / 사진 : 더스타 DB

Eye makeup selcas didn’t just stop there. Although with a slight smile, Minhyuk melts girlfriends with his flower boy image, acing the ‘boyfriend’ selca. With his hands on his waist, Minhyuk easily took a charismatic picture for ‘monster’ selca.

On this day, Minhyuk revealed his six packs and amazed everyone on set. Before he took off his shirt, MinHyuk worked out at a corner, showing his nervousness. As soon as the shoot starts, MinHyuk revealed his prince-like abs unlike his concerns, taking a spot as one of the best body idols.

IlHoon emancipated a mysterious ‘monster’ atmosphere with his different brown and blue pupils, showing a young and rebellious expression. After the interview ended, IlHoon wore casual clothes with a cap and posed cutely in front of the camera.

IlHoon has recently become a HOT MC, spending his days happily despite his busy schedule. He is currently hosting a corner on ‘Weekly Idol’. He expressed his affection towards his position, “I often feel burdened playing the role of an MC, but it felt fun. Jung HyungDon-hyung doesn’t really talk much, but his variety senses overflow when the recording starts”.

신곡 '스릴러'로 활동 중인 비투비의 셀카 / 사진 : 더스타 DB

There was a member that continuously humored staffs with his amazing variety senses, even when they were on the shooting set. Leader Eunkwang took the camera and it seemed like it was hard for him, as he posed hesitantly for the ‘monster’ selca. However, he surprised everyone when he showed some white flesh as he pulls a side of his shirt. The ‘boyfriend’ selca is rather a piece of cake to Eunkwang. With plump lips, he showed his fusion of gentle and cute charms in the picture.

Hyunsik is the member that shows the most variation between his ‘boyfriend’ and ‘monster’ shots. Hyunsik showed his muscular arms and bright smile in the ‘boyfriend’ selca that melts females’ hearts. Hyunsik who is comparable with Minhyuk in terms of Homme Fatale-ness posed a V pose, emancipating his cute charms. After changing into his U-neck casual wear, Hyunsik once again flaunted his arms in ‘monster’ shot.

Changsub transformed into a charismatic ‘thriller’ with his leather jacket and tattoos. Changsub looked into the camera with a strong gaze and a squished expression. During the variety interview, Changsub also flaunted his variety of charms as well.

Up next, the member who poses the weakest (?) selcas for every The Star interview, Peniel held the camera and asked continuously about his poses, “Is it okay if I take it like this?’. The picture turned out, however, was unlike his worries, as he aces in capturing hearts. Peniel posed like a cute puppy in the boyfriend shot while posed a point choreograph of ‘Thriller’ for the monster selca.

Meanwhile, 9 interviews will be revealed on 13th September.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: The Star


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