[The Star] BTOB Yook Sungjae “A noona-like person who appreciates me is my best choice”

신곡 '스릴러'로 컴백한 비투비(BTOB)의 멤버 육성재 / 사진 : 포토그래퍼 이제성 민트스튜디오 mintstudio.com
Yook Sungjae Manual 01. When you meet me
▶ Please say that I’m handsome!

Always being called ‘handsome’ may be tiring, but for Sungjae, he is forever grateful to hear such responses and will show his happy face whenever he hears it. It’s a little embarrassing saying it out himself, but when he hears these ‘good-looking’ talk, his self confidence would rise and he feels that he’s indeed handsome. Sungjae also revealed that he purposefully walks on the streets alone just to hear people praising him. But if he hears something like, “So-so”, then his mood will go down for the rest of the day.

Yook Sungjae Manual 02. When I want to relieve stress
▶ Please show me a mirror

Although he’s always prepared for the stage, Sungjae who likes to show a clean image will always have a mirror by his side. When he’s going on music broadcast or in the waiting room, he always makes sure that his image is good, and this helps him in relieving stress. Therefore he has a tag called ‘Mirror Addiction’.

신곡 '스릴러'로 컴백한 비투비(BTOB)의 멤버 육성재

Yook Sungjae Manual 03. When you want to ask something from me
▶ Be a little cool, be a little arrogant, ‘You must listen to me’ that type of tone

Sungjae likes a person who can lead him. Other members would prefer one asking a favor meticulously but for Sungjae, he prefers a ‘Give me this!’ attitude, which somehow reminisces of idol drama ‘My girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox’

Yook Sungjae Manual 04. If you want to be close to me
▶ Let me see your true heart

If you want to be close with Sungjae, ‘acting like you want to be close with him’ is prohibited. Sungjae is the type that would open up his heart and trust one when the other person express his truthful heart. Sungjae likes people who approach him first.

Yook Sungjae Manual 05. If you want to touch my head
▶ Make sure you wash your hands.

This is rather an interesting answer. Sungjae reveals that he likes someone older that would appreciate him like his noona or mother. After getting close to Sungjae by showing your true intentions, he says that he like it when that particular person touches his head.

Lastly, a reminder to Yook Sungjae’s Manual, “Don’t treat me too good. You have to be cold, when you had to. You have to hug me to sleep when you had to!” We would really need an expert to grab Yook Sungjae’s heart.

Please take out with full credits

KR-CN: @hutaright

CN-EN trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: The Star



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