[The Star] BTOB Seo Eunkwang, “You have to be always prepared”

신곡 '스릴러'로 컴백한 비투비(BTOB)의 멤버 서은광 / 사진 : 포토그래퍼 이제성 민트스튜디오 mintstudio.com

BTOB has recently struck the entertainment industry with their latest title track ‘Thriller’, appealing with their charming masculinity. This is the first time BTOB took on a strong concept. In order to grab as many hearts as possible, BTOB has prepared a special comeback interview of BTOB Manual with The Star. From an affectionate boyfriend to a heart-capturing men, the first runner up to grab your heart, is none other than bright Seo Eunkwang.

Seo Eunkwang Manual 01. If you were to meet me?

▶ Please scream ‘EungKa’ to greet me 

Greeting Seo Eunkwang with ‘EungKa’? We may not know at first glance, but the reason behind ‘Eungka’ is rather simple. Since elementary school, because of his name ‘Seo Eunkwang’, he gained the nickname ‘Eungka’. So when he was younger, friends would approach him by calling him ‘EungKa’. Seo Eunkwang is satisfied whenever fans called him ‘Eungka Oppa’ or ‘Eungka-ya’.

Seo Eunkwang Manual 02. When you get closer to me

▶ If you’re the first to approach me, we could be close immediately. 

When asked how he gets close to a person he first met, Eunkwang answered, “I speak through their eyes”. How would he get close to a person, he hinted that he uses eye contact frequently. And how would he say to a person he’s not close with? Eunkwang answered that he will start with short and simple questions “Have you eaten?” “Did you sleep well?”, or “How’s your condition today?”. Eunkwang continued, “If you meet me for the first time, and asked if I have eaten’, I will take it as of you want to be close with me. The sign would be through their gazes.”

신곡 '스릴러'로 컴백한 비투비(BTOB)의 멤버 서은광

Seo Eunkwang Manual 03. When you want to ask something from me
▶ Ask with politeness, manners and gratefulness, then it’s an ‘OK’!

Eunkwang who is positive in everything weighs politeness heavily when it comes to asking him a favor. Eunkwang even acted it out as he explains about it. It should be like this, “Eunkwang-ssi, can you please move this table aside?’ and you have to show a bright smile. Your tone should be polite. If you’re rude, Eunkwang may think twice before helping out. Eunkwang would naturally give a helping hand to everyone who asked in a tolerable manner.

Seo Eunkwang Manual 04. If you were to watch a horror movie with me
▶ You have to hold my hands, and must be prepared to hug me! I don’t know when it will be…

First of all, Eunkwang can’t watch horror movies. Most important scenes are scary and so he hides while watching them. In the dorm too, when BTOB members are watching horror movies, Eunkwang will always look  funny as he freaks out at the movie. Eunkwang revealed a sweet dating tip, “If a person that likes me recommends a horror movie, isn’t it a good thing?”

Seo Eunkwang Manual 05. If you want to hear me saying ‘I love you’
▶ You have to truthfully love each other first! What is love without a sincere heart?

If fans say ‘Eungka Oppa I love you’, Eunkwang would say that he loves you too. When Seo Eunkwang Manual is revealed, most probably fans would start to greet him with ‘Eungka Oppa I love you’.  Seo Eunkwang immediately fell into difficulty. After much sorting out, Eunkwang changed his answer to a difficult one, “If familiar fans came to see Eunkwang, I will give them a wink and say ‘I love you’.”

Lastly, a reminder to Seo Eunkwang Manual, “You have to praise me a lot. Don’t scold at me but do it prettily”.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: The Star


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