[The Star] BTOB Lee MinHyuk, “Noona fans can show me some aegyo too?”


BTOB has recently struck the entertainment industry with their latest title track ‘Thriller’, appealing with their charming masculinity. This is the first time BTOB took on a strong concept. In order to grab as many hearts as possible, BTOB has prepared a special comeback interview of BTOB Manual with The Star. From a emotion filled boyfriend to a man that grabs hearts, among the 7 members, Lee MinHyuk makes you fall head over heels for him.

Lee MinHyuk Manual 01. If you were to meet me
Please smile brightly for me! I will show the person I like with my eyesmiles.

Minhyuk said that if he sees someone that he likes, he would naturally show his eyesmiles. If you were to smile when you look at Minhyuk, he would smile back at you. He feels that this will help his mood grow. Minhyuk hopes that everyone would smile brightly when they see him.

Lee MinHyuk Manual 02. If you want to see my eye smiles,
▶ Put your hands together, naturally letting down your shoulders and twist your body (ie, aegyo)

After Minhyuk reveals his manual, we wonder how many fans would do so to see his eye smiles? Lee MinHyuk’s Manual seems to be as hard as missions. Who knows, one might charm him with this manual and he might even show his half-moon eye smiles.


Lee MinHyuk Manual 03. When you have a request for me
▶Show an expression and pose like the cat in movie ‘Shrek’!

This mission can be said as an easy one for fans in their 10s. MinHyuk feels that he has no chance up against the cat in ‘Shrek’ when you want to ask something from him. Minhyuk thinks that that expression is cute and will therefore, lead him to show his eye smiles naturally. On the other hand, this will be hard for noona fans. ‘Noona-fans are no exception’, you will still have to do so to get his eye smiles.

If you encounter problems in achieving the above manual, Minhyuk encourages everyone to do aegyo. There’s no such thing as not being able to aegyo even if you’re a noona fan. Isn’t it possible when noona fans want to look at BTOB’s muscular arms and abs? Minhyuk indeed shows his side as a ‘man that conquers a women’s heart’.


Lee MinHyuk Manual 04. If you want to be closer to me
▶ Be a support to each other whenever one of us is in trouble.

Minhyuk sees a stable relationship as a relationship that does not avoid the other when he’s in trouble. In order to maintain such stable relationship, MinHyuk thinks that being able to talk straightforwardly, give advice, and honestly saying out their hardship helps. Ways to be close with Minhyuk would be spending more time with him and if there is a common interest, he would be close to one very quickly.

If so, let’s reveal Lee Minhyuk’s interests! Minhyuk likes to watch movies, dramas, musicals and loves to explore places. The only hobby that differs from girls is working out. It’s not that girls need to love to work out to be close with MinHyuk. Going for a baseball match or something that sort will do as well. MinHyuk has also observed that there are more and more girls taking an interest on baseball matches.

Lastly, an important reminder as every passionate fans reads Lee MinHyuk Manual, you cannot hurt his pride. Whether you’re his girlfriend or friend, pride is important to him. MinHyuk says, “I’m not a prideful person but hurting my weak pride may result in a hard-to-approach relationship.”

Please take out with full credits

KR-CN trans: Hutaside

CN-EN trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: The Star


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