[The Star] BTOB Im Hyunsik, “I’m not a guy that will confess easily”

신곡 '스릴러'로 컴백한 비투비(BTOB)의 멤버 임현식 / 사진 : 포토그래퍼 이제성 민트스튜디오 mintstudio.com

BTOB has recently struck the entertainment industry with their latest title track ‘Thriller’, appealing with their charming masculinity. This is the first time BTOB took on a strong concept. In order to grab as many hearts as possible, BTOB has prepared a special comeback interview of BTOB Manual with The Star.  The guy who will never stop shaking your heart, he’s none other than Im HyunSik.

Im Hyunsik Manual 01. If you were to meet me
▶ Look into my eyes, and smile brightly. I might smile at you too.

Talk to him calmly, rather than the things he says, Hyunsik focuses more on what the other person has to say. If you were to meet him, smile brightly. You will spend the rest of the day happily with Hyunsik’s half-moon eye smile. The point is that you have to look at his eyes sincerely and smile brightly


Im Hyunsik Manual 02. If you want to be close to me
▶ No lies, and you have to show sincerity in approaching me. (likes people who does arts)

When we first meet them, BTOB did not face any difficulty in showing their sincerity. The problem was that they will outright speak their minds.  “Just treat me the way I am” he said. If you express your interest to Hyunsik through words or movements, then it will be interpreted as it is.

신곡 '스릴러'로 컴백한 비투비(BTOB)의 멤버 임현식

Im Hyunsik Manual 03. When you want to ask something from me
▶ Don’t think of it too much, just say it to me honestly and politely. If only it’s not a hard request!

Honesty and politeness seems to be two words that encompass a broad meaning. If you approach Hyunsik and say, “Please take a picture with me”, will it be okay? He said, if only the two of them are there, then it will not be a difficult request. However, if there are other fans present, it might be hard for Hyunsik to fulfill everyone’s request.


Im Hyunsik Manual 04. If I were to receive a confession
▶ I am not a guy that will confess easily

You may be caught up with that cute ‘mehrong’ emoticon-like expression but Hyunsik is not a easy guy when it comes to confessing. Even when it comes to dating, he seems to be a meticulous guy, and he has a prudent personality when speaking with reporters. If he breaks up after a long relationship, he would be even more careful in the next relationship.

Im Hyunsik Manual 05. If you want to see my abs
▶Do you have the confidence to take the responsibility over me?

Just one sentence and we can understand it all. If you want to see his abs, then take responsibility for him. When asked if this sentence has a special meaning, and if he could reveal his abs, Hyunsik smiled. More specific details on abs manual will be revealed soon, so readers, please take note!

Lastly, a reminder to Im Hyunsik Manual, “You have to bring something edible” and, “I really love eating, so bringing food to me will be enough, I think”.

Please take out with credits

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: The Star




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