[The Star] BTOB, “BEAST-hyungs asked us to write a song for them”

신곡 '스릴러'로 컴백한 그룹 비투비(BTOB) / 사진 : 포토그래퍼 이제성 민트스튜디오 mintstudio.com

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Once affectionate boyfriend-dols BTOB, have now returned as beastly-dols. With a lyrical rhythm and funky music, even sweet melody, BTOB makes a whole new different attempt at every album has finally returned to show yet another transformation in terms of visuals and music styles.

“BTOB’s existing image has always been a friendly Oppa. This time round, we worked out diligently to show a different aura of ourselves We practiced every day, going to practice room and working diligently at parts that were lacking.”MinHyuk

Releasing their 3rd mini album ‘Thriller’, if you have listened to their full album, BTOB’s passion can be felt. The team’s rapper line Minhyuk, IlHoon and Peniel have indeed shown rapid progression as they found a unique existence in each songs, highlighting the distinction between the vocals. The vocal line members have even showed an upgraded charms with their voices, creating a great synergy for the album tracks.

“For this album, MinHyuk’s rapping skills can be seen obviously. Overall, listeners will definitely feel it in this particular album. I’m really proud and surprise that Minhyuk can showcase his amazing raps.”Eunkwang

“Actually, up till the last album, I and Peniel’s position was a little vague. And so, I and Peniel worked very hard as rappers for this album. The result is that we could draw a clear boundary between the rapper line and vocal line, which helps in maintaining a balance and bringing out our team’s own colors and at the same time,too, producing a high quality album.”Minhyuk

For this album, the members participated in writing and composing 5 out of 6 songs. In particular, Im Hyunsik’s self-composed song, ‘Star’ was included, personally showing his potential as a future producer through this album

“Hyunsik-hyung knows each colors of our vocals so he understands very well which part should be sung by which member. For previous albums, we sang first before our parts are decided. But this time round, Hyunsik-hyung was the one who assigns our parts, and that seems to have helped us further in showing our own vocal colors”Sungjae

The BTOB members expressed their satisfaction for Hyunsik who firstly took charge of the album, “He respects us and gives us directions, I think that’s the reason why we followed his instructions. Moreover, the atmosphere was comfortable and that seems to help us showing our capabilities when we are recording the song.”Minhyuk

Hyunsik then continued, “We’re always nervous whenever we record for the song. So it’s harder for us to truly show our capabilities. This time round, since it’s my song, I can tell them to do it comfortably, and that seemed to helped a lot”.

신곡 '스릴러'로 컴백한 그룹 비투비(BTOB)

Becoming a hot topic as Hyunsik works with BEAST Lee Kikwang for an album track, ‘Why’, Hyunsik explained, “I work in the same production room as Kikwang-hyung, so it is easier for us to work together. Whenever we are preparing our albums, we would listen to BEAST-hyungs album and sometimes we would write for them. Vice versa, BEAST-hyungs would listen to ours and write for us too. ‘Why’ was not written because of job. We wrote it comfortably just for fun”, he said.

We are curious to the directions of these two or three members who wrote and/or composed the song.

“We would discuss and write about it in a room. Usually, we produce the songs first before writing the lyrics, but for ‘Why’, because the melody sounded like ‘Why Why Why’, so we decided on the name first before we think of the lyrics. After writing the lyrics, Kikwang-hyung would give impromptu amends to it. We did it in that manner, taking both views into consideration.”

What did same agency sunbae group BEAST give as advices?
“Before deciding songs for the album, BEAST-hyungs would give a listen at them. When they request us to write a song for them the next time, it felt great. (Will you write one for them?) Of course I would love to.”Hyunsik

신곡 '스릴러'로 컴백한 그룹 비투비(BTOB)

Prior to their comeback, BTOB pre-release an album track ‘When I was your man’ through radio programs rather than music broadcast station. They made a comeback by showing their live skills on air. It was rather an original idea for showing a ‘listening music’ and by making use of new marketing techniques. Acing in music, styling, performances and even album promotions, we can always anticipate BTOB in the future.

“We sharpen our knives during blank periods. In order to repay everyone’s anticipation, BTOB will work seamlessly from the start of the new year till the end of it. So please stay with us.”MinHyuk.

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Source: The Star


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