[OSEN] BTOB’s genuine ‘Thriller’… Women, Madness and Reversal (Interview)

What I remember about BTOB? Sweet Idols wearing pretty dandy looking outfits, singing sweet serenades with ‘Second Confession’. But out of the blue, they came back as a creepy gang of zombies. The story of BTOB’s 3rd mini album ‘Thriller’ and same name title track ‘Thriller’…’Concept transformation’ is what we will talk about today.

With outfits as if they just came on stage, BTOB members took a photoshoot at a nearby grassy area. Without realizing, this is their 5th interview just for today. They spoke about their new concept, movies of thriller (and horror) genre for this interview. The authenticity of ‘Thrillers’, women, madness and reversal shall be unveiled now.

 ■  Women…Bizarre charms, well-built physique and sweetness

One of the excitement in thrillers is the high-pitched screams by women. BTOB who has made their comeback with ‘Thriller’ did not forget about their powerful female fandom, and that’s the similarity between thriller movies and their song ‘Thriller’. So, what is their secret weapon in getting women’s hearts?

(Yook Sungjae) “It’s a rare concept in the music scene. There are some fantasy-like parts where a black knight looking for a captured princess. We gave our opinions after taking vampire-like pictures. We danced zombie dance as well, but fans said that it looks like a group of chickens dancing. Group chicken dance..it’s not that. But a filled-with-charms zombie dance.”

(Lee Changsub) “Weirdness, horror, charisma..are good. Aren’t they attractive? Personally, this suits me more than ‘Second Confession’. The music video director gained some courage from Tim Burton’s ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ in producing the MV. We do not just want to leave an impression, but do take note of the changes in our expression as well.”

Not just the stage, prior to their comeback, BTOB revealed their upper body which was received with claps from the female fans. We asked whose body is the most Tsolid one, and the members chosen MinHyuk.

(Lee MinHyuk) “I’ve been working out alone lately. This is the first time I tried P.T (personal training). It’s an extreme workout with repeated movements. Last time, people would go ‘Wah~’ when they see my body, but now, there are more of them saying that my body looks like ‘Dragonball’s (Japanese popular comics)”.

Like the members said, ‘Thriller’ genre is a rare concept in the idol industry. To thriller-lovers, it has many never-ending charms. To normal people, it would be rather unfamiliar and difficult to be accepted. And so, BTOB prepared a sweet song to approached them.

(Im HyunSik) “In our album, ‘Thriller’ aas a strong music, but if you look for our other songs in the album, there are some that are sweet and gentle. Our pre-release ‘When I Was Your Man’ is one of those songs. We want to get hold of every fans.”

■ Madness…Craze for fans’ love within this loneliness

Another essence of thriller movies are mad killers. A thriller without madness is like ‘Ring’ without Sadako, ‘Flower Grandpa’ without Lee SeoJin. BTOB significantly possess a madness in producing this title track. Every time you watch their performance or MV, we see an angry (?) bunch of rappers, Jung IlHoon, Lee MinHyuk and Peniel. The members gave their confession and testimonials on their image.

(Jung IlHoon) “I think the rapper line is in charge of the craziness part. We want to show a dark and insane vibe to it. Compared to this, the other members seemed to be in their right minds.”

(Lee Changsub) “That’s true. The rapper line perfectly went with the concept of Thriller’. Honestly, they looked really cool in portraying a rough expression with their raps. It looks like they really immersed in the character. And it seems that they have such psycho inner within them.”

We asked which member is the most 4D one, unlike their madness concept, BTOB is really quite a cohesive group. This time round, they unanimously chose Lee Changsub.

(Jung IlHoon) His expression is 4D. Whenever we talk, even words that he used are different. For example, just now he used ‘Madness’ in the interview. Some times, he would link arms with you or with a heavy voice, he would say  something unfathomable like ‘Frog…’.  Like a rugby ball, he is a person we don’t know where it will bounce to.”

(*Requested to be anonymous) “He shows slight symptoms of Narcolepsy too. When he dances, he might sleep. When we’re doing acapellas, he might sleep too. He sleeps when eating hamburgers as well.”

As soon as he takes his picture, Changsub returned to his place and changed the topic. He talks about madness, what the members are crazy about lately. Roll game for Eunkwang, coffee for Changsub, baseball and beer for MinHyuk. But the members in whole said it was ‘loneliness’.

(Most members other than Lee Changsub) “It is really lonely. We see each other often, but we don’t have many opportunity to communicate with the outside people, so we start to miss them. The more we miss them, the lonelier we get, and then we miss them like crazy.”

Idols are lonely, here goes the saying. Decent maknae (Yook Sungjae) was quick to finish the topic.

(Yook Sungjae) “Haha. We are actually crazy for our fans. In fact, we are hungry for fans’ loves. Sometimes, we might spend the night recording. Rather than feeling really hard, we hope to show a good look in the industry, and to look at faces of fans who have waited for us.When we look at them, thoughts such as ‘it must be hard for them, but they came all the way to support us’, and then we gained strength by looking at each faces.”

■ Reversal… Leader’s head emerging from a member’s side

When it comes to ‘Thriller’ next to women and madness would be ‘reversal’. In terms of a thriller movie, the would always be a point where it differs from the usual. BTOB too, showed their ‘reversals’ in Thriller too.

(Jung IlHoon) “Our image for this comeback is a reversal overall. It’s not just our concept that has changed. One can’t really identify if its really scary or if it’s just exciting. It’s like a fusion between both excitement and weirdness. And that somehow brings along some amount of suspension.”

(Im Hyunsik) “There are a few reversals in our choreograph and expressions as well. We want to express a scary look,  so as to leave a strong impression but the choreograph somehow turned out to be a little waddling. Also, Eunkwang-hyung that appear beside Changsub-hyung’s side shocks the audiences too. Who would thought of that? That an idol’s head would appear beside another members and it was leader’s head…”

‘Reversal’ Icon (?) Changsub started to talk about the matter. A serious answer started was however miraculously ended with an exclamation. This is Changsub’s charms.

(Lee Changsub) “Ending refers to ending an opening. It could be a black knight or a demon’s perception. The ending is leave to an open judgment by the listeners. It could be a happy ending or a creepy ending. And the real reversal of the song is the song itself. There isn’t a moment where the song rests. It keeps on going up till the very end. If you listen to it clearly, the ending was Oh, Oh Oh, Oh-! (explaining each ‘Oh’s an octave higher). It’s like a motorcycle keeps on speeding.”

This is BTOB’s first interview after meeting briefly in waiting rooms and on performance stage. If I were to say my thoughts compared to their first official meeting, I would say the vast difference of their image. That also means that there are limitless charms in BTOB members. Member MinHyuk agrees to this statement.

(Lee MinHyuk) “We always dream of becoming a reversal group. Whenever we make our comeback, we hope to listen to responses such as, “Wah, BTOB can do this concept too’. Whatever it is, please do anticipate, and we will not forget that anticipation and work hard as a perfect team to achieve BTOB’s goal”.

Please take out with credits

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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