[IFeng] Cube partners up with Xing Tian to recruit Chinese trainees


As one of the top Korea’s entertainment agency, Cube Entertainment will be partnering up with Beijing Xing Tian Media, and will start to recruit trainees from China. Through this recruiting activity, those who are selected will be trained under Cube Entertainment with the support from both Cube and Xing Tian. They will be receiving the most systematic, the most professional and strictest training and have the opportunity to make their debut in both China and Korea. It was revealed that the first audition will be held on September 7th in Beijing.

Cube Entertainment who has been referred to as the BIG 4, together with SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment has successfully debuted idol groups BEAST, 4minute and newly boy group BTOB, which springs them into popularity in Korea. In 2011, BEAST member Jang Hyunseung and 4minute Hyuna collaborated in promoting ‘Trouble Maker’ that has left a strong impression with its addictive beat and sexy performances, igniting a ‘Trouble Maker’ wave across Asia. Last year, Hyuna played a role in world craze ‘Gangnam Style’ MV, further becoming a hot topic around the globe. This year, Cube once again became the spotlight as they recruited world star Rain under their wings.

Local (China) entertainment Beijing Xing Tian Media has long before collaborated with Cube Entertainment a few years back. After 4 years of secret preparations, both companies finally unveiled their newest all-Chinese male group M4M in March, rewriting a new page for the local market.

Cube and Xing Tian recruiting activities will be held on September 7th in Beijing, and they will be making more stops in other cities.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: IFeng


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