[Kyungjae Today] Jo Sumi, “Yoseob’s cute and sings well.”

Globally renowned Soprano singer Jo Sumi has attracted attention for praising idol group BEAST’s Yang Yoseob.

On ‘Radio Star’, when asked if she likes Yang Yoseob, Jo Sumi expressed, “I even have Yang Yoseob’s abs picture as my phone background image,” and, “Yoseob-gun is really cute and he dances well”, showing her affection towards Yang Yoseob.

She continued, “We will be performing together for Park Concert”.

Netizens who saw her praises towards Yang Yoseob commented, “Yang Yoseob must be happy at Jo Sumi’s praises”, “Jo Sumi obviously likes Yang Yoseob a lot”, “Jo Sumi’s background picture is Yang Yoseob’s abs? That’s really cute” and various more reactions.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Kyungjae Today


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