[Wstar News] Cube Entertainment dreams to have a global K-POP legend

(TL;DR:  The GREEN part merely talks about Cube artists’ releases and achievements, ie, ‘fast-forwardable’)

In these few recent years, globally known musicians have been paying much attention to Korean music. They who pursue for the global pop market with extraordinary musicality have grown attention towards the style of Korean music, and even worked on albums with Korean musicians.

As Korea music art culture develops and music technology advances, not only the quality of mainstream music has been increased, (in Korean music) all-rounded idols and their singing, dancing capabilities, and even prominent fashion senses have been used. Because of these few factors, in the global music market, K-POP has an infinite expandability and has managed to gain attention from many walks of life, giving rise to a new cultural phenomenon.

In particular, the K-POP wave fiercely blew through Asian countries as management companies now look up to Korean agencies, such as providing long-term special training to singers. Aspired singers from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and many more even participated in forums in hopes of being chosen by local (Korea) entertainment agencies.

As such, capabilities of local musicians and management teams of these agencies face fierce competitions. Locally-debuted singers have to undergo strong training systems, and must possess sufficient singing, rapping, dancing, and linguistic skills to charm and to lead the global music industry.

Cube Entertainment, Standing tall in local music industry

Each and every local agencies in the K-POP market are committed in being the globalization forefront. One of them, Cube Entertainment, which had debuted 4minute, BEAST, G.NA, BTOB, Roh JiHoon and many more stars, is set to increase foreign fandoms in places such as Japan, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Mexico and so on.

Each Cube stars takes top position on charts, or developed into strong icons before they enter markets of each country. Cube Entertainment that shook the global market with their outstanding artists and management planning skills, gradually fought off tough competitions between local management agencies and developed into one that stands shoulder to shoulder with SM, YG and JYP Entertainments.

Established in 2008, 5 years later, Cube took their position as a solid celebrity agency and have been expanding the size of their business. Let’s look at all the new trends Cube Entertainment had created for Korea management agencies in the K-POP market.

Leaving JYP and Establishing Cube Entertainment

In April 2008, co-founder and former representative of JYP Entertainment, Representative Hong SeungSong started an independent entertainment agency, known as Cube Entertainment. Representative Hong started by working with singer Lee YeRin, followed by Park KiYoung, Lyn, and Kim DongRyul. Eventually, he met up with Park JinYoung who was having a similar musical goal and preference. They both founded JYP Entertainment in 2001, grew and witnessed the debut of 량현량하, Park JiYoon, JinJoo, Wonder Girls, 2PM and 2AM.

In Cube Entertainment, he debuted 4minute, Lee Kikwang’s solo album, BEAST and G.NA, in which all of them have risen to top spots. In 2010, Representative Hong won Best Producer Award in Golden Disk Award, positioning himself as one of the top artist producer. Cube Entertainment now has established their label A Cube Entertainment, and are currently working towards producing a globalized Cube brand.

Partnering up with a company that has the most musicians

Cube Entertainment is responsible in audio production and artists management while Cube Entertainment Group controls the overall operations, and works hand in hand with independent music label A Cube Entertainment, Cube DC, and music production label Music Cube.

Music Cube houses local producers such as Kim DoHoon, Kim HyungSuk, S. Tiger, Choi GangWon, Han SungHo, Hwang SeJun and many more composers and lyricists, becoming one of the largest group of musicians. Music Cube is in charge of album publishing, album production, recording services, composing and album planning services. Cube Entertainment linked Music Cube with their agency, producing various talents for the market.

Overall, Cube Entertainment currently houses recently-contracted Rain, 4minute, BEAST, G.NA, BTOB, Roh JiHoon, M4M, Shin JiHoon, gagman Kim Kiri, as well as A Cube artists A Pink, Huh Gak, and Music Cube artists YoungJi (former Bubble Sisters), Eddie (Aziatix) and 11 Medical Sound.

—The following is a list of Cube artists’ release and achievements—

Shining Stars of Cube

The Hot Issue of the music industry – 4minute

4minute is Cube Entertainment’s representative girl group and has gained popularity not only within Korea and Japan, but also Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, and many more Asian countries. Their name carries two meanings, one of which is ‘charming everyone within 4 minutes’ and ‘doing their best For A (Every) Minute (4minute)’.

Made up of 5 members, Nam JiHyun (leader, vocal), Heo Gayoon (main vocal), Jeon JiYoon (vocal), Kim HyunA (Rap), and Kwon SoHyun (vocal), the ladies of 4minute brings a whole new issue to the music industry. Glamorous fashion, putting performances that showcase their steady rap and dancing skills, 4minute portrays a color and music that only they have. During their debut days, Wonder Girls former member Hyuna was the label for the group, but as 4minute raises their name and ranking on top spots for every album release, the members have become popular idol stars today.

Working with famous producers

4minute stepped into the music industry with their debut singleHot Issue on June 15th 2009. They received even more attention for they are the first singers to be produced by Representative Hong after his  leave from JYP and also because Hyuna was a member of Wonder Girls. Within the anticipation and attention gained, ‘Hot Issue’ was also a funky dance track that suits to the ears of the public, which therefore captured loves of many fans.

Followed in 2009 August 28, 4minute worked with famous producers such as Kim DoHoon, S.Tiger, Lee SangHo, and Hwang SungJin in their first EP album For Muzik. Title track ‘Muzik‘ debuted top spots on various charts, and the girls won SBS ‘Inkigayo’ Mutizen award within 3 months after their debut. They also won the Rookie award for 24th Golden Disk ceremony.

In May 2010, 4minute released their second EP album’Hit Your Heart’, making a comeback with title track ‘HUH‘ and won #1 on real time charts. When the MV for follow up song ‘I My Me Mine‘ was released, the video took top spots on MV charts. In fact, 4minute won MCountdown on 2010 June 17 and have entered as #4 on Gaon online chart.

In 2011 April 5th, 4minute released ‘Heart to Heart’ which was a song from their first full-length album ‘4minutes Left’. Their title track ‘Mirror Mirror’ rose to Gaon digital chart at #2, while making an issue with their ‘leg spread dance’.

In 2012 April 9th, ‘Volume Up’ was released with the participation of S.Tiger and The KOXX. Their title track ‘Volume Up‘ entered at #2 on Gaon digital chart, and charted #1 on MCountdown.

Rich overseas activities to enter the Asian market

4minute’s popularity was prominent abroad as well. In 2010 February 6th, the ladies attracted 5,000 audience with a showcase in Philippines and 7,000 in their first Thailand showcase. Prior to their official debut in Japan, they held a solo concert and attracted around 2,000 fans, and even charting #1s in other countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and various Chinese-oriented regions.

Their Japanese debut single ‘Muzik’ was released on 2010 May 5th, and took the 21st spot on the Oricon Weekly Chart. ‘Muzik’ charted #1 on Taiwan and Hong Kong charts as well, ‘4minute for MUZIK’ which was released in Taiwan was recognized in the Golden Disk award.

They then released ‘I My Me Mine’ in 2010 July 28th. For ‘I My Me Mine’ promotions, they toured Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, attracting over 10,000 of fans. In 2010 October 12th, they once again released their 3rd Japanese album with ‘FIRST/Dreams Come True’. Through YouTube, fans from everywhere have given much attention to the release.

4minute finally release their first full-length album ‘DIAMOND’ in 2010 December 15th, debuting on Oricon weekly charts at #27. It was later followed by ‘WHY’ on 2011 March 9th which rose up to 17th on the same weekly chart. Meanwhile, 4minute won ‘Asia Influential Artist’ in 2010 October during ‘2010 Asia Song Festival’.

On 2013 April 26th, the ladies once again returned to the Korea music scene with their 4th mini album ‘Name is 4minute’. Title track ‘What’s Your Name’, dominated #1s on various charts and music programs, and even took the #1 spot on Gaon digital monthly charts. They then followed up with ‘Is It Poppin’ on June 28th.

Unit group activities, ‘Troublemaker – 2YOON’

In 2011 December, 4minute member Kim HyunA and BEAST member Jang HyunSeung formed a duo unit known as ‘Trouble Maker’. In 2012 and 2013, they have won Best Performance Award and Best Collaboration Award in Mnet 20s, Hot Trend Award in Melon Music Award, and Best Dance Performance Award in Golden Disk, receiving loves with their excellent performances and combination.

In January 2013, 4minute members Heo Gayoon and Jeon JiYoon came together to known as ‘2YOON’ and promoted with title track ‘24/7′. 2YOON went to Thailand and participated in various music broadcast programs, award ceremony and shot for a local magazine shoot. They went for large-scaled award ceremony ‘2013 Nine Entertainment Awards’, famous Channel 7 program ‘Channel 7 Live Music Show’ as they met up with fans. Also, the duo was cheered by 1,000 fans in their live show as they performed for the ending stage.

Dazzling Rap and Sexy dance icon, Hyuna

Hyuna who was debuted as a Wonder Girls member prior to her activities as a 4minute member in Cube Entertainment under the wings of Representative Hong has shook the entertainment world. Her fact as a former Wonder Girls member and her new birth as 4minute garnered attention, and that’s where she gained interest from fans.

Among 4minute members, she who holds an extraordinary skills in raps and dances is the focus of attention in 4minute performances. Hyuna puts on a performance-oriented stage and is famous for her trademark hips dance.

In 2010 January 4th, member Hyuna debuted solo with digital single ‘Change‘. She then followed with ‘Bubble Pop‘, ‘Ice Cream’ and many more solo albums, emerging as the sexy icon of South Korea.

BEAST that builds the beastly trend in the music industry

BEAST, consisting of members Yoon Doojoon (leader, vocal), Yang YoSeob (main vocal), Jang Hyunseung (lead vocal), Lee Kikwang (vocal), Yong JunHyung (rap), Son Dongwoon (vocal) is a six males dance group. BEAST stands for ‘Boys of EAst Standing Tall’, carrying the meaning of six boys from East Asia standing tall. BEAST initially was about to debut with ‘B2ST’ but not long before their debut, Cube Entertainment decided to change their official name to ‘BEAST’.

Prior to their debut, BEAST has already been showing each of their talents. They promoted in various aspects, and were singers that captured fans in their teens. Member Lee Kikwang was promoting solo as ‘AJ’ in early 2009, Yoon Doojoon and Jang Hyunseung appeared in Mnet ‘Hot Blooded Men’ and ‘MTV Big Bang’ respectively, where they started to gain many fans.

As the six of them come together, they firstly revealed each member through a program in August 2009, known as ‘MTV BEAST’. Subsequently, they revealed their teaser on 13th October, and released debut album ‘Beast is the B2ST’ on the following day. On 15th October, they held their debut showcase and debuted officially through KBS ‘Music Bank’ with title track ‘Bad Girl’ on the 16th of the same month.

BEAST’s rich music promotions

With fans’ anticipation and support, BEAST captured their very first #1 on MCountdown within 5 months after their debut. Since then,for every album released, all album songs charted top spots on music sites, title tracks snags the first or second positions, and 40,000 to 50,000 copies of albums are sold, which lead to their high position on the weekly charts.

In March 2010, BEAST released their second mini album, with title track ‘Shock’. The title track took #2 on Gaon chart, recorded sales of 40,000 copies and #1 on weekly chart. Within 3 weeks after the release, BEAST won their very first award on MCountdown. ‘Shock’ even rose to #6 spot in Thailand chart.

In September, they returned with their 3rd mini album and title track ‘Soom‘. And with the title track, they recorded #4 on Gaon digital chart and #2 on music chart. Also, they gained #1 spot on MCountdown. In November the same year, they held their first ever showcase in Japan as well as making their debut in Japan. ‘Soom’ was the second song apart from ‘Bad Girl’ that charted #1 on Thailand chart.

In November, their title track ‘Beautiful’ from 4th mini album received high attention as it dominates Gaon chart at #1 and won the Mutizen award on Inkigayo. Their first full length album title track ‘Fiction‘ was released in May 2011, and occupied #5 of Gaon chart. Their album sold more than 100,000 copies and was #1 for the monthly chart, and 3rd on the first half of the year chart. ‘Fiction’ continued the winning streak as it won #1 on ‘MCountdown’, ‘Music Bank’, and ‘Inkigayo’. In July 2012, BEAST released their 5th mini album with ‘Beautiful Night‘. Within a week of their comeback, they won #1 on various broadcast stations, achieving their second triple crown after ‘Fiction’.

Entered Japan market as a strong force

Meanwhile, in Japan, their first album ‘BEAST-Japan Premium Edition’ recorded at #6 on Oricon daily chart. Before their debut into the Japanese market, BEAST pre-sales for ‘Shock’ album charted #1 and #2. With the release of their first DVD ‘genesis of BEAST’, BEAST charted #3 on Oricon DVD charts.

Also, debut single ‘Shock’ album rose to #2 spot on the day it was sold, selling about 10,000 copies of them. Within the first week of their sales, they have recorded 30,000 album sales, debuted at #2 on weekly single chart, beating Big Bang’s records with a new figure.

BEAST tops various awards, kick-starts on World Concert

With every album released, BEAST created a storm that sweeps records. They eventually won various awards on ceremonies, and started their world tour concert.

Their debut album snagged ‘Rookie Music Awards’ in December 3rd. Follow up song ‘Mystery‘ was even chosen by viewers as the #1 best stage for the first week of new year. They continued winning Rookie awards from ‘High1 Seoul Gayo Daesang’, and ‘Bad Girl’ won #1 on Thailand charts for 2 consecutive weeks, creating a first ever record.

With such popularity, BEAST and 4minute signed onto Universal Music Group for their overseas promotion. On 22nd January, about 2,000 fans turned up for BEAST Taiwan fanmeeting. On the next day, BEAST stood on stage together with 4minute for a collaboration concert, which was broadcast on Taiwan’s public broadcast station TTV Main News. In December, BEAST held their first ever solo concert ‘Welcome to Beast Airline’ and releasing duet songs from ‘My Story’.

In July 2011, BEAST started their first Asia fan meet, and had the honor to represent Korea in ‘MTV World Stage’. At the end of 2011, BEAST won ‘Artist Award’ from Melon Music awards, and was chosen ‘Song of the Year’ in KBS Gayo. ‘Fiction’ was a song that successfully fuses both electronic pop and emotional lyrics. BEAST then started their World Tour by holding their first concert in Seoul.

Coming back after a year, ‘Shadow’ tops three music broadcast

BEAST started out in 2013 with digital single ‘Will you be alright‘ and ‘I’m Sorry which were included in their second full length album ‘Hard to love, How to love’. In particular, their ‘I’m Sorry’ music video was shot together with fans, where BEAST held ‘B2uty Gather’ project to meet up with them.

The title track ‘Shadow’ is a lyrical song that describes love like shadows, appears when someone is there, and disappears when she’s not there. The song fully portrays BEAST’s very own colors as the fusion between strong beats, piano synchronization, and lyrical melody was well made. Once again, the anticipation for BEAST’s global activities are met.

This album can be called as an album ‘All made by BEAST’ as every member of BEAST participated in producing, visual concept, music video and art design.

During BEAST’s concert for ‘Hard to love, How to love’, BEAST promised that they will released ‘I AM A MAN‘ for free if they won #1 on music broadcast stations. And they did. In fact, BEAST’s ‘Shadow’ was charted #1 on three music programs. As they had promised, ‘I AM A MAN’ was released, and close to 100,000 fans downloaded it from their official homepage.

The owner of an extraordinary vocal, Bright female solo singer G.NA

In July 2010, G.NA debuted with ‘I’ll get lost, you go your way’ along with feature partner Yong JunHyung. She showcased her powerful vocals and expressive performances which led her to win first on various music sites and Mnet MCountdown #1, becoming the first ever Cube Entertainment’s female solo artist.

Her debut album was produced by Kim DoHoon, Wheesung, Kang EunGyung, Kang JiWon, Kim TaeSang, S.Tiger, Yoon Sara, Jung JiChan and many more top musicians. With RAIN backing her up in ‘If I have a lover’, she became a hot topic.

Her appearance in 2PM’s debut song ’10 out of 10′ MV even garnered attention for her ‘Bikini body’.

Despite group split crisis, G.NA makes her solo debut

She was about to debut as the leader of ‘Five Girls’, along with Wonder Girls YuBin, After School UEE, Secret Jeon HyoSung and SPICA Yang JiWon. Born in Canada, Edmonton, G.NA dreamed to be a singer when she was younger. She sang for a Korean Festival and came to Korea after she was cast.

In 2005, through an Mnet audition program ‘Battle Legend’, G.NA along with Jeon HyoSung was chosen to become trainees for ‘Five Girls’. Prior to their debut in 2007, the company collapsed due to financial issues.

She then had the opportunity to enter JYP as a trainee and finally landed up as an artist in Cube Entertainment. July 14th 2010, G.NA made her debut with ‘Draw G’s First Breath’ along with title track ‘I’ll get lost, you go your way‘. She won her first award on music programs a month after her debut.

Talents X Sexy female soloist, Move towards the global market

She returned with a shorter red hairstyle in follow up song ‘Supa Solo‘. G.NA worked along global choreographer PHLEX who choregraphed for Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Britney Spears and many more.

‘Draw G’s First Breath’ receive exceptional love from Singapore, as it was charted #1 on Singapore weekly sales. In November 2010, she, together with 4minute’s Hyuna released ‘Say You Love Me’, title track from project album ‘Together Forever Vol.1’.

Her first album was sold in 2011 with title track ‘Black and White‘. Again, she won first on music programs and Gaon digital chart. In 2011 February, G.NA won the rookie award for 2010 Gaon Chart Closing Ceremony.

On 17th March 2011 G.NA released ‘Milk Tea’ remake version for Japanese singer-songwriter Fukuyama Masaharu. The single was quick to rise to top spot and was included in Masaharu’s album ‘The Best Bang!!’. In 2011, G.NA also featured in Hyuna’s ‘A Bitter Day’ from her EP album ‘Bubble Pop’, rising to top 10 on the Gaon digital chart.

On August the same year, her second EP album ‘Top Girl’ was released. Due to lyrics used in ‘Banana‘, the song was received a ban from MBC. She performed her title track ‘Top Girl’ on SBS and KBS, excluding MBC.

A year after that, G.NA made a comeback with title track ‘2HOT’ from her 3rd mini album ‘Bloom’ in 2012, winning #1 on Music Bank. In August, she sang for MBC sitcom ‘Thousandth Man’ Part 3 OST ‘Tell Me Now‘. In the following month, she recorded six of her hit songs for international album ‘Oui’.

For 2013, G.NA made a comeback with her 4th mini album ‘Beautiful Kisses’. Her title track ‘Oops‘ was featured by BTOB Jung IlHoon. She was praised for having Christina Aguilera’s singing skills, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce’s popularity. Today, G.NA aspires to be a global Asia Queen.

Dreams of being the next K-POP Stars, BTOB

BTOB, stands for ‘BORN TO BEAT’, with the meaning of ‘being born for the purpose of showing a new music, beat and performance’. Seo Eunkwang, Lee MinHyuk, Lee ChangSub, Im HyunSik, Peniel, Jung IlHoon, Yook SungJae formed a 7 boys group and had debuted with ‘Insane‘ on 2012 March 22nd.

In 2012 May, BTOB entered Asia with ‘Born TO Beat (Asia Special Edition)’ and with this, they place their first step into the global market. From their first mini album ‘Insane’ and May release ‘Father’, these few songs show BTOB’s emotional side and even manly charms. Prior to their debut, some members of BTOB performed ‘Irresistible Lips‘ for a sitcom they were in. Due to hot responses and requests, the song was later revealed.

BTOB followed with Love Sick’, ‘WOW from second mini album ‘Press Play’, and digital single Second Confession‘ in 2013. In May, BTOB released OST ‘Bye Bye Love’ with BEAST members, and even appeared on MONSTAR with Yong JunHyung and sang OST ‘Past Days’, ‘After Time Flies‘ and ‘First Love‘, gaining loves from many.

The seven members of BTOB, including leader and owner to powerful vocals Eunkwang, ace in looks and acting MinHyuk, charismatic maknae Sungjae showed their unlike-rookie vocals and performance, receiving strong attention even during their debut time. They who appeared on cable channel MTV ‘Diary’ and ‘B+Diary’ have also revealed their daily lives, going one step closer with fans with their every day looks.

BTOB presents a different vibe compared to existing idol groups, raising awareness for their names and having their talents proven.

Singing skills X Charms Star Roh JiHoon

Roh JiHoon rose to Top 8 of MBC ‘Star Audition – Birth of A Star Season 1’, showing his exceptional singing skills and star quality. He then signed with Cube Entertainment and sold his first mini album ‘The Next Big Thing’ on 2012 November 7th.

Before he was a candidate for ‘Birth of a Star’, he had already won KT QOOK TV ‘U Star Audition’ in 2008, sang for April 2009 drama ‘Can Any One Love’ OST ‘There is no love‘, and debuted with single ‘You who changed my world‘ (T/N: 세상과 바꿀 너였는데) in November of the same year.

After entering Cube Entertainment, he received a year and a half of special training so that he could be the next ‘Big Thing’. Through these years, he started to show his true potential self, perfectly transforming himself into an upgraded musician.

Differ from his ‘Birth of a Star’ gentle image, Roh JiHoon made a strong charismatic debut as a ‘charming bad man’. In R&B song ‘Rain is falling‘ (T/N: 비가 와), he expresses a man’s mellow heart as well as ‘How about it‘ that depicts his sweet confession, successfully showing his talents as a vocalist.

Roh JiHoon debut album also featured Korea’s issue icon Hyuna in ‘Maker’, as she participated in rap featuring for the song. The stylish combination between Roh JiHoon’s rhythmic vocals and Hyuna’s  rap enhances the perfectness of the song. For this album too, Roh JiHoon appealed with his singing and dancing capabilities as well as his good visuals, creating a new anticipation for his next promotion.

A Cube Entertainment

A Cube acts as Cube Entertainment’s label company, and houses A Pink and Huh Gak. A Pink debuted in 2011 with a fairy-dol concept, and in 2013, they won first with ‘Nonono’ 3 years after their debut. Huh Gak’s release of ‘You’re Mine’ (T/N: 넌내꺼라는걸) dominated nine charts.

Outstanding girl group A Pink, standing on the peak after three years.

As the main girl group of A Cube Entertainment, A Pink carries out a variety of activities. They emerged as fresh and sweet fairy-dols, away from all the sexy female idol groups, emancipating their unique charms. In July 2013, they won their very first award with ‘Nonono’, three years after their debut.

A Pink started out with first mini album ‘Seven Springs of Apink’ with title track I Don’t Know’ and second mini album ‘Snow Pink’s ‘My My‘. They gained names as ‘Post S.E.S’, distinguished themselves from other girl groups.

In particular, member Jung EunJi and Son NaEun are active in the drama field. Jung Eunji who starred in ‘Reply 1997’ fully show her impressive acting skills, receiving recognition from the public. She continued with SBS drama ‘That Winter, the wind blows’ and presenting a different character that further gained praises for her acting skill.

Son NaEun was known to be After School LIzzy’s junior and the girl who appeared in BEAST’s ‘Beautiful’ MV. She also starred in writer Kim SoHyun’s drama JTBC ‘Childless Comfort’ and her appearance in a mid episode shot up with its first ever double digit in terms of viewer ratings. She’s currently in MBC ‘We Got Married’ with SHINee’s Taemin.

Emotions-filled vocalist Huh Gak

2010 Mnet Superstar Season 2 winner Huh Gak released his digital single ‘Always’ (T/N: 언제나) in November 2010, and gained immediate popularity as the song charted first on Gaon chart.

Huh Gak then signed with A Cube Entertainment. In September 16th 2011, he released his EP album ‘First Story’. Title track ‘Hello’ received good responses and rose to #1 spots on Gaon online chart and Gaon digital chart.

The Superstar winner won his first ever award on ‘Music Bank, ‘Rookie Award’ on Melon Music Awards 2011, and Male Rookie award on Mnet Asian Music Award in November.

In February this year, Huh Gak released his first full length album ‘Little Giant’ along with ‘Monodrama‘ and title track ‘1440′, where he challenged to put on dance performances, hitting consecutive hits with these two songs. In May, he released ‘Short Hair’ with A Pink’s Jung Eunji.

Huh Gak released his digital single ‘You’re Mine’ on August 13th and recorded many #1s on various music sites. ‘You’re Mine’ was produced by producer team  황금두현 and 노는어린이 who composed and wrote for the song. Along with rap featuring from Swings, the song received high attention.


United Cube Artist, A festival belonging to Cube Artists

United Cube Concert is a concert tour that involves artists under Cube Entertainment, 4minute, BEAST, G.NA, A Pink, Huh Gak and Mario. United Cube Concert poised to be a leader of K-POP where they show unique lineup such as special stages. In 2011, United Cube made its way to England and Brazil, venturing into territories other than Asia.

On January 26th 2013, Cube kick started the concert in Beijing China, Seoul Jamsil Stadium on 2nd February, and at Yokohama Arena in Japan on February 22nd. The 3-countries tour was well received by fans while Cube established its very own brand of concert in the global market.

The ‘2013 United Cube Concert’ held in Seoul Jamsil Stadium was participated by 4minute, BEAST, G.NA, BTOB, Roh JiHoon. Cube artists sang United Cube theme song ‘Fly So High’, creating a lively atmosphere. They sang each of their hit songs and presented collaboration stage for over 7,000 fans that night.

Cube Entertainment’s Vice President Noh HyunTae expressed, “For Korean music to reach to global level, artists should be more active in the local music industry. In hopes of a globalized K-POP, Cube Entertainment will never stop growing and we will always search for new talents”, expressing Cube’s aspiration to be a global leader.

Cube Entertainment brand concert ‘United  Cube Concert’ went to Europe, South America and many other places other than Korea, holding at a scale as good as the Big 3 agencies.

The meeting between Cube and Universal Music

Renowned record label Universal Music’s partnership with Cube artists plays a huge role in raising awareness for their names. Having a global line up, with Universal Music’s network, Cube could spread K-POP to the locals and foreigners easily. Music released in Korea will be released through Universal Music as well, building a pathway to make themselves known to every corners of the world.

Through this, 4minute, BEAST, G.NA, BTOB gained access to fans even before their overseas album is released. The number of pre-sales order increases, and every song on each album charts at top spots on various music charts, creating a new record for Cube artists.

Cube, Signs with world star ‘Rain’

As Cube shows their solid potential as an entertainment agency through 4minute, BEAST, G.NA, BTOB, Roh JiHoon and even gagman Kim KiRi, Cube Entertainment once again created a hot topic when they recruited Rain.

Representative Hong who once managed Rain’s debut has expressed his thoughts on the recruitment, “Rain and I will both stripped off the pages of the glamorous past, and look forward to a different future” and, “As his companion, we will prepare for more days in the future.”

Cube Entertainment who has partnered up with Universal Music does not just train and discover great talents. They diligently explore new markets and sought variety of differences. With the momentum Cube Entertainment has, ‘will they change the landscape of the entertainment business?’ is the spotlight of the industry.

Cube, Eradicates ‘Digital Sajaegi’, to restore order of the industry

Cube Entertainment Representative Hong has criticized ‘digital sajaegi’, a matter where entertainment companies manipulates clicks to top music charts. Recently, normal entertainment agencies are at a disadvantage due to ‘digital sajaegi’. As such, SM, YG, JYP and Star Empire filed in a report on the matter.

Through his personal Twitter, Representative Hong said that distributor’s recommended system will corrode the music world. He stated his stand, “The recommend system can affect rankings on music broadcast stations, as such, it should be eradicated. Illegal manipulation of charts should not be overlooked as this will bring a downfall to the industry”.

K-POP with endless supply in the world

Adding to the heat of K-POP, most local idol stars prepared diligently since their trainee times, so that they can enter the global market effectively. In order to be chosen, a trainee must not only possess good skills in vocals, dance and raps, but also in terms of linguistic and acting skills.

Trainees may find themselves chosen to make their debut the next morning, or they may just leave the company, returning to an ordinary student life. But the hardest part of it, is to feel an uncertain future as to when they’ll be making their debut, and so, they have to work very hard for each and every day.

But they who overcome each obstacles in order to achieve their dreams as an idol star will turn out to be an all-rounded artist. With Korean agencies’ powerful management team and the amount of blood and sweat shred by these aspired singers, K-POP will never die.

Expertise and personality of the representative of a management agency

Cube Entertainment’s success in becoming a large entertainment agency was due to non-stop research and development, as well as diligent search for talents through the right and proper way,

In particular, Representative Hong’s discovery and training of solid singers is the driving force behind their growth. Cube artists even called Representative Hong as ‘Father’, sharing a family-like bond within the company. Leaving JYP and establishing a brand new entertainment agency, Hong Representative bears a responsibility over his trainees and even personally take charges of each Cube artists’ debut stage.

He gave extraordinary trainees that faces frustrations a chance to build their dreams. He worked hard to create chances for those who weren’t given the opportunity to debut.

When 4minute member Hyuna’s withdraws from Wonder Girls, when BEAST’s Yong JunHyung faces an exit crisis from the company  and when G.NA carries her dream to Korea but only to find her team shattered, the person who gave them singer dreams to realize is none other than Representative Hong SeungSong.

Cube Entertainment to seek the true value of K-POP 

It’s upsetting to see music producers frustrates about the success rate of music expertise or immersed in raising the popularity of artists. Cube Entertainment, on the other hand, is a management agency that merely hopes to increase awareness. Therefore, they avoid illegal acts such as plagiarizing and charts manipulation. They work hard to produce artists that makes original songs and to adhere to their management policy so as to establish a sound market order.

For K-POP stars’ entering overseas market, they focus on the endless potential of local artists, and widening the presence of Korea music in the global market.  In particular, with scarce resources and limited lands, primary industries such as IT and semiconductors will only make us a secondary power house. Music, drama, food, culture, art and many more intangible resources, on the other hand, may build a competitive advantage globally.

As such, local entertainment agencies as well as aspired singers should work hard to make all corners of the world to listen and love K-POP. With so, the value of K-POP can be established in the global world, and the history of K-POP can be maintained for a long period.

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Source: Wstar News


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