[TV Daily] Rain to conclude China activities and return to Korea today

티브이데일리 포토

Soloist Rain proves his unchanged popularity in China.

According to China media Tungstar, Rain has went to Shanghai, China to promote for a cosmetic brand as a model on 3rd September. It was Rain’s first meeting with China fans after his discharge last July.

Rain appeared on stage with a white jacket and a pair of black pants. His simple fashion captured fans’ attention. He started off with a greeting in Mandarin, “Hello everybody, I am Rain. It has been awhile. I really miss everyone.”

Meanwhile, through an interview today, Rain expressed his thoughts on his future activities. He said, “Although there isn’t any specific details yet, but I really hope to show everyone my new album or production soon.”

He continued, “We are having talks with some good directors in China” and, “I hope to meet Chinese fans as soon as possible,” hinting a possibility of his activities in China.

Meanwhile, Cube Entertainment spoke to StarNews at a different interview, “There are a few activities contracted before his enlistment. He will be carrying out those delayed schedules, and after that, we will discuss on his future comeback such as dates and album concept in a gradual manner.”

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Star News, TV Daily


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