[Herald Kyungjae] Yang Yoseob, “It’s an honor to perform with Jo Sumi

BEAST Yang Yoseob has expressed his thoughts on him being able to stand on one same stage with global soprano artist Jo Sumi.

Yang Yoseob attended the press conference for Jo Sumi’s concert ‘La Fantasia on September 3rd, and expressed, “I was actually puzzled at the proposal to attend the Park concert. It’s a large-scaled  concert and the fact that I could stand on such stage, it’s really my honor.”

On this day, Yang Yoseob continued, “There may be many questioning me as an idol, but I will prepare diligently so as to avoid such worries”, he aspired.

Also, he responded against recent responses, “There were lots of responses like ‘Why not whole members of BEAST, but only Yang Yoseob’. I’ll be representing BEAST and I will sing amazingly on such a large stage,” he added.

Jo Sumi also took the opportunity to express her thoughts on performing with BEAST’s Yang Yoseob.

She praised, “Coincidentally, I watched Yoseob-gun singing ‘Mother’ on YouTube. I was so touched, and I really want Yang Yoseob (to perform together)” and, “Yoseob-gun’s thoughts are really pure and sincere, indeed an exemplary idol.”

She continued, “Lately BEAST spend days busily as a result of their popularity. But despite that, Yoseob-gun granted my wish, and I’m really thankful for that.”

For Park concert this year, Yang Yoseob will be standing on the same stage as Jo Sumi.

Meanwhile, Jo Sumi’s Park concert ‘La Fantasia’ will be held on 14th and 15th September.

Trans: loveindacube,wordpress.com

Source: Herald Kyungjae Asia Kyungjae


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