[OSEN] BTOB Im Hyunsik self-composed ‘Star’ for upcoming album

Idol group BTOB member Im Hyunsik has self-composed ‘Star’ and ‘Why’ for upcoming album which will be released on the 9th September.

On 1st September, the audio teaser for ‘Star’ was released through BTOB’s official YouTube channel. The said song was written and composed by member Im Hyunsik himself, and the snippet has gained hot responses from local and overseas fans.

‘Star’ is a ballad song which has a different charms than ‘Why’ (co-composed with BEAST Lee KiKwang). With his direction towards music has been decided, a new ‘composer-dol’ is set to be born with this upcoming album.

‘Star’ is a ballad that fuses an innocent fairy tale-like vibe with an emotional melody, maintaining the originality of the song through its impressive lyrics and appealing vocals from BTOB members. As audio teasers for each tracks on their album have been released, except for title track ‘Thriller’, gradually increasing the anticipation of many for BTOB’s comeback.

BTOB Im Hyunsik is known for his professional guitar and keyboard skills which he had shown during concerts or various promotions. For this album, his two self-composed songs, ‘Star’ and ‘Why’ will be released for the very first time. Along with senior group BEAST Lee Kikwang’s participation and warm support for the group, anticipation flies high for composer Im Hyunsik and BTOB’s album.

Meanwhile, BTOB released a group teaser for ‘Thriller’ on 31st August, emancipating their Homme Fatale charms while hinting a total image transformation with their comeback. BTOB’s album, including the title track ‘Thriller’ will be released on the 9th and their first comeback stage will be on 4th September.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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