[OSEN] 4minute successfully holds solo concert in Australia

Girl group 4minute has successfully concluded their solo concert in Australia.

On September 1st, 4minute held a solo concert, titled ‘4MINUTE Party Rock Concert in Australia’ at Metro Theater Sydney, and has gained cheers from 1,000 over fans.

On the day before the concert starts, fans have been waiting long hours to the next day just to meet 4minute. They held support events and welcomed 4minute for their second visit to the country. 4minute’s solo concert have once again proven their K-POP pride.

On this day, 4minute performed ‘Hot Issue’, ‘Muzik’, ‘Volume Up’ and many other more hit songs, presenting their sharp charisma and sexy performances as they capture the audiences heart.

In particular, when 4minute sings ‘What’s Your Name’, the audiences sang along with the lyrics, responding passionately towards 4minute. Jeon JiYoon even showcased her witty English skills during talk time, creating a lively atmosphere and spending a great time with fans.

At the end of the 2-hours concert, 4minute once again sang the original ‘Hot Issue’ as their encore stage. They showed their passionate side as they poured water and have close interactions with the audiences. Audiences that are made up of fans of different races and ages cheered for ‘4minute’ for quite some time after the concert ended, expressing their sadness.

Meanwhile, 4minute has visited Australia for ‘2013 K-POP Festival In GangWon’ as they took roles as judges for the contest. Today (2nd September), they will be appearing on public broadcast SBS Program in Australia.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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