[Newsen] BEAST, 4minute, G.NA give support to BTOB ‘Thriller’ Comeback.

4minute, BEAST and G.NA have appeared on BTOB’s comeback teaser videos, showing their warm support for BTOB.

BTOB who are to release their title track ‘Thriller’ on 9th September has revealed comeback teasers on various music broadcast stations last weekend. In these teasers, same company seniors 4minute, BEAST’s Lee Kikwang and G.NA personally informed and introduced BTOB’s comeback, and hinted a totally transformed image of BTOB appeared, garnering attention of many. With a creepy vibe and dark background, the mysterious BTOB members show their charisma, adding even more suspense for ‘Thriller’.

BTOB’s teased concept for the title track is quick to gain attention from local and foreign fans. September 4th onward, BTOB will be making a comeback with their tough manliness with ‘Thriller’.

BTOB’s title track ‘Thriller’ is a well-made dance song that  shows the members’ tough and charming voice with a roaring-like string sound and strong beat. In particular, the seamless composition and unstoppable speed raps by Lee MinHyuk and Jung IlHoon further raise the suspense and  perfectness of the song.

Meanwhile, BTOB will be releasing their 3rd mini album on 9th September.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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