[leesmusic] BTOB ‘Thriller’ Album Description

BTOB to return with a suspenseful ‘Thriller’.

They who have always aced their singing skills through dance and ballad genres such as ‘Insane’, ‘Father’, WOW’, ‘Second Confession’ will once again returned to the music scene. Title track ‘Thriller’ from their 3rd mini album has a sharp string sound with a strong beat. BTOB members’ rough voice further increases the quality of the song. The seamless composition and unstoppable speed raps by Lee MinHyuk and Jung IlHoon enhances the suspense mood and perfectness of ‘Thriller’. In addition, the album group picture indeed proves to show the potential of BTOB members with their tough and mature manly charms.

In terms of composition and lyrics, BTOB members personally participated in producing most songs on the album, setting their first step as composers. In particular, album track ‘Why’ was produced by Cube’s senior artist BEAST’s Lee Kikwang and BTOB Im Hyunsik, while Lee MinHyuk and Jung IlHoon participated in writing the lyrics as well. ‘Why’ is a song that stimulates ears with its fantasy-like sound and repetitive chorus that enhances a man’s faint and regretful emotions.

‘Star’ is another song that contains BTOB’s story about his uncertain future as a trainee. Looking at stars in the night sky, he starts his story-telling, such as who to look at and in whose dreams he should be in.

Other than that, their album also showcases BTOB’s colorful musicality, which includes witty ‘When I Was Your Man’, honest song ‘Catch Me’ that describes a man’s feeling when he falls in love, and ‘Like a Crystal’ that depicts the feeling when one is about to fall in love.

The album that is soon to be in stores has been receiving strong attention. Do anticipate BTOB’s glamorous official activities for the year 2013.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Leesmusic

Special thanks: @seobgirl


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