[TV Daily] BEAST appointed as models for China 3D Dance Game ‘TOUCH’


Idol group BEAST has been appointed as model for 3D Dance Game ‘TOUCH’ which is under online game company Perfect World in China.

Perfect World representative expressed, “The release of 3D Dance Game ‘TOUCH’ will be holding a large scale plan for ‘Hallyu Dance Season’ (T/N: 韩风炫舞流行季). For this, Perfect World will be inviting various local and overseas companies to hold events such as nationwide online game concerts, fanmeeting tours, MV Production and many more activities. As such, we have chosen Korea’s top idol group BEAST as models”, they revealed.

They continued, “With the release of 3D Dance Game,we want to be the best game supplier with the help of Hallyu star BEAST. We hope that this game will attract both local and foreign users. We will go one step closer with fans by conducting various of activities”, he added.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Daily, YouXiaWang


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