[Newsen] BTOB releases teaser for ‘Thriller’… ‘Exceptional’ body tattoos

BTOB has revealed teaser image for ‘Thriller’.

Group BTOB has revealed the first teaser image for title track ‘Thriller’ from their same name 3rd mini album, portraying their reversed charms.

On August 30th, BTOB’s ‘Thriller’ teaser picture is different from their previous works, whereby it highlights a strong image of the members. The upper body was written ‘Thriller’, together with other bizarre tattoos, such as a skull, emancipating a manly charms.

In particular, the members of BTOB has recently made a fresh radio comeback, showcasing their live skills and proving themselves as capable-dols. Today, in the revealed teaser image, the members revealed a reversed charms unlike their previous gentle-man-image, hence garnering attention for their new title track.

Since debut, BTOB has been receiving attention for their perfect performance and amazing singing capabilities for lyrical dance tracks. They continued with a variety of genres such as ballads and dance songs,  showing a wide spectrum of talents.

However, it’s their first in trying out a strong Homme Fatale concept. Previously, BTOB released ‘Why’ which was co-composed by BEAST Lee Kikwang and BTOB Im Hyunsik, and it was well received. Today, BTOB once again released another audio teaser for ‘Catch Me’, gaining hot responses from local and overseas fans.

Meanwhile, BTOB will be releasing their 3rd mini album on the coming 9th September, and make their first comeback stage on the 4th.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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