[TV Daily] BTOB releases special MV for ‘When I Was Your Man’


BTOB has released a special music video for their latest single ‘When I was Your Man’.

BTOB who will be putting on their first comeback stage on the 4th with a 3rd mini album has pre-released a studio version MV of ‘When I Was Your Man’, emancipating their sweet and gentle image in the video.

In particular, their black and white outfits further highlights the members’ manliness that fits well with the sweetness of the song, capturing audiences ears at once.

‘When I was Your Man’, expresses his anxious longing and gentle resentment towards his ex-lover. ‘When I was Your Man’ further shows a paradoxical mood with its lively melody.

Previously BTOB sang ‘When I Was Your Man’ for various public radio programs, showcasing their extraordinary vocals and expressive expressions, receiving compliments from audiences of a wide age groups.

For this time round, BTOB exposed their song live firstly through radio, exposing their charms through a song that everyone can relates to. BTOB received good comments for their rich vocal capabilities as they hit high notes and falsettos, creating a ‘listening music’.

Moreover, the boys revealed more hints regarding their title track on radio station MBC ‘ShinDong SimSimTaPa’, increasing fans’ anticipation for their songs. BTOB even revealed a dance point from their title track. ShinDong danced to it and left a message on his SNS to show his support for BTOB.

Followed radio live performance ‘When I was Your Man’, the boys will be slowly dropping hints starting on 29th August 12pm onward, showing previews for their 3rd mini album.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Daily


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