[Star News] BTOB reveals comeback date on Simsimtapa

Idol group BTOB appeared on ‘SimSimTaPa’ and have made a surprising announcement on their comeback date.

After their opening live on MBC ‘Shindong’s SimSimTaPa’, BTOB revealed, “We will be making a comeback on September 4th”.

BTOB put on a live opening for their latest song ‘When I was Your Man’. This song is pre-release ahead of the title track and the name of their title track has yet to be revealed.


BTOB said “The name of our title track is absolutely a secret”, ShinDong ‘lured’ them to reveal more, so BTOB further revealed, “About 7-8 characters,” and, “It’s an English title.”

The members then followed, “We almost died while filming the music video”, expressing that they will be having a powerful dance performance for the title track.

On this day, BTOB members even showed a few dance points. They danced a unique dance with their hands, which further raises anticipation for their upcoming comeback.

Leader Seo Eunkwang expressed his thoughts on the upcoming comeback, “We thank fans who have waited so long” and, “We will be returning with an amazing look, so please look forward to it.”

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Star News



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