[Star News] BTOB releases concept images for ‘When I Was Your Man’

Idol group BTOB will be returning to the music industry with a 3rd mini album 4 months after their last comeback.

On the 23rd August, BTOB’s agency Cube Entertainment has revealed concept images for ‘When I Was Your Man’, a track from their upcoming 3rd mini album, hence, announcing their surprise comeback.

In the revealed pictures, BTOB’s showed an upgraded chic and maturer image, while emancipating their sweet and gentle charms. The boys will be revealing ‘When I Was Your Man’ in a special way, increasing anticipation for their comeback.

The pre-release track from BTOB’s 3rd mini album, ‘When I Was Your Man’ will be released live across public radios as part of their unique marketing technique.

BTOB will be showing a musically maturer emotions and aspirations, appealing to the public with their ‘listening charms’ rather than visual which is usually the focus of the recent market.

‘When I Was Your Man’ is a strongly compete-able song with their 3rd mini album title track, which are both of equal perfectness. This song has a unique retro and R&B vibe, which further enhances the its sweetness in a vintage setting. Through this song, BTOB will be melting everyone’s ears with their outstanding vocals and rich expressions.

Meanwhile, BTOB’s mini 3rd album will be released in early September.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Star News


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