[OSEN] 4minute Gayoon and SoHyun flaunts their seductive red lips for ‘InStyle’ pictorials

Girl group 4minute members Heo Gayoon and Kwon SoHyun created seductive pictorials for fashion magazine ‘InStyle’.

Revealed on the 16th August afternoon, Heo Gayoon’s distinctive sassy gaze attracted attention as she emancipates a captivating feminine side of herself. Heo Gayoon has recently risen as the lead character in different fashion pictorials, and beauty pictorials with her wide sense of fashion and variety of makeups.

20 years old Kwon SoHyun who has obviously blossomed into maturity presented an exceptional transformation for this photoshoot, unlike her usual cute maknae look. Kwon SoHyun and Heo Gayoon’s red lips pictorials garnered attention with their glamorous yet innocent charms.


The pictorials this time round useD bold lips makeup as it is a rising trend for autumn this year. Five different shades of red were used for this photoshoot and the ladies emancipated different auras with each and every frames taken.

Photographer Ahn JooYoung expressed her thoughts on this photoshoot, “Wearing dramatic makeups such as red lips, they could easily feel awkward in front of the camera. But their expressions for each colors were so different, I was surprised about that. They have lots of potential, and this makes me want to shoot them for other pictorials in the future,” she said.

Another representative revealed, “They broke into laughter when their faces come together, and this laughter could not leave the set.”

Meanwhile, 4minute’s Heo Gayoon and Kwon SoHyun’s ‘InStyle’ pictorials will be included in the September issue.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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