[OSEN] Cube President Hong SeungSong, “It’s fortunate that we are able to eliminate Digital Sajaegi”

Cube Entertainment’s President Hong SeungSong has spoken out on the ‘Digital Sajaegi’ matter, “It’s fortunate that we can now eradicate digital sajaegi.”

Presideng Hong wrote on his twitter on the afternoon of 7th August. He expressed, “Three years ago, I have been emphasizing on digital sajaegi issue in  the distributors’ recommendation system. I felt that this problem will obviously corrode the entertainment industry”.

He continued, “The recommendation system will cause much inconsistencies in broadcast charting programs through its interrelations. And because of this, I said that we have to abolish it, Illegal manipulators of downloads will eventually destroy the order of the entertainment industry. I had been saying this many times to associate members in the industry during seminars and many more occasions,” he added.

He continued, “But at that time, they did not feel anything unusual about it. The entertainment market is looked after by us, producers. ‘Did self interest come before the overall entertainment market?’, such thoughts came into mind. If this problem was to be overlooked, it could be a boomerang and strike us from behind in the future, and the order of the market will become even more complicated.”

Also, “Although it was being raised today, I feel fortunate that this issue can be eradicated. Meanwhile, it is unfortunate that this issue was not solved among ourselves in the first place, which had caused problems in today’s reality. Through this opportunity, we will solve this issue once and for all. We, as producers for the entertainment industry, carrying the passion for music and the pride of KPOP, will work harder, even for today too, to produce good contents.”

Previously, SM, YG, JYP and Star Empire filed a report against the manipulation of music charts to the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office. Cube Entertainment and FNC Entertainment came in as well to fight against the problem together.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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