[OSEN] BEAST appointed as ambassadors for men’s casual brand ‘Carte Blanche’

Idol group BEAST has been appointed as the face for men’s casual brand ‘Carte Blanche’.  BEAST was selected for 2013 F/W Season Muse Collection, revealed by Carte Blanche on the 5th.

A representative from ‘Carte Blanche’ commented, “We feel that talented idol group BEAST who has directed all the songs in their new album, will be able to deliver the philosophy of our brand’s art and culture to consumers. Moreover, the energy that BEAST has, and their stylish vibe will be able to express a new and real brand image of Carte Blanche. For our 2013 F/W collections, we feel that BEAST will be the best in portraying our outfits stylishly,” revealing their reason behind the appointment.

In June, BEAST has appeared on their Guerrilla Concert with ‘Carte Blanche’ products. BEAST’s exposure of their products became a hot topic online.

‘Carte Blanche’ representative revealed, “The meeting between our Art & Culture-oriented brand and beastly-dol BEAST reaped great outcomes and therefore, we have decided to choose BEAST as our models.”

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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