[Daily UNN] Cube Entertainment collaborates with Korea College of Media Arts

The Acting Department of Korea College of Media Arts has signed an cooperation agreement with celebrity agency Cube Entertainment on the 1st of August, and had revealed the matter on the 2nd August.

According to the agreement, the two organization will be collaborating together in an effort to train top talents in the entertainment industry, as well as agreeing to exchange human and tool resources in hopes for growth in the cultural industry.

In particular, acting students who are pursuing in Korea College of Media Arts will have a chance to participate in Cube Entertainment’s events, auditions and many more, which helps them to accumulate more on-hand experience.

Moreover, Cube Entertainment plans to provide professional acting lessons to enhance the acting skills of their in-house artists (Rain, BEAST, 4minute, BTOB and more)  with the help of college instructors.

Acting course Professor Song HyungJoong expressed, “It’s a good opportunity to help those potential students to have some practical experience, also, through the ongoing interactions, we will be able to grow more top talents.”

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Daily UNN


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