[Vogue Girl] Star Interview – BTOB answers BTOB’s questions

“We Pledge! From now onward, when BTOB asks BTOB members out of curiosity, we shall answer the truth without beating around the bush.”

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Vogue Girl (VG) Firstly, we will throw the baton to leader Seo Eunkwang. Please let us know more about BTOB.

Seo Eunkwang: BTOB  carries the meaning of ‘Best of Beat’, and all the 7 members do it together. Everyone of us has a different and distinctive personality, and so, one could feel our charms. It means that the music we made are the music we want to make. We are currently attempting various genres, so that we could interact with the public. It’s our dreams to produce music that can encompass age ranging between their 10s to 30s. We want our songs to be appealed fully to the public, and with that, we won’t stop experimenting!

Seo Eunkwang: Changsub-ah, a few days ago, you have gone to Thailand for a press interview. Minhyuk and I had schedules, so we weren’t able to attend the interview. You were in charge of being the leader then, I wonder how it went.

Lee Changsub: Although I held the leader position for just a short while, I felt that it’s really hard to be a leader.Being labelled as that title, makes me unconsciously go like this with my expression. I want to show the readers my expression right now but…, I’ve become really sensitive to every thing. There wasn’t any large problems that came up. But having to deliver schedules to the members, and to take care of our next activities, mentally, it was burdensome. (VG: Were there any episodes in Thailand?) Since we’re a group of men, we used something like catchphrases among us. We lifted our index finger and said ‘예쯔’, our expression was really funny, so it’s interesting. I guessed it meant ‘Yes’ or ‘I like it’? We did it on a Thailand broadcast station, and the MC followed us doing that on various broadcast. Who knows, perhaps it could be rise a global trend. 예쯔~

Lee Changsub: I want to ask Ilhoon a question. It might sound a little childish, but if you were to have super powers, what powers would you want to have?

Jung IlHoon: Recently I’ve watched ‘X-Men’ excitingly, so I have such imaginations everyday. It is till the extent that I couldn’t sleep at night. Teleportation seems to be interesting. First of all, it’s convenient, and during emergencies, I could save the person that I cherish the most. He is my superman.

Jung IlHoon: I’ll ask one for Hyunsik. Lately, you’ve been acting in ‘MONSTAR’. How does it feel?

Im Hyunsik: I’ve previously acted in ‘Living in CheongDamDong’ with a few other members. That was my first acting experience. ‘MONSTAR’ was a music drama, there wasn’t much scenes but we sang OSTs for it. This was also my first experience, so I liked it a lot. I think I can now act excitingly. But my priority is still music. I really want to compose. In the next album, there will be one self-composed song. I actually wanted to have soul song, but as we want to appeal to the public, I’ve made a ballad R&B song. I wrote the lyrics too. It’s a story about a man loving a top female celebrity…’wait for me, I will soon go to that position’, such lyrics. (VG Was it your real life experience?) I wrote it during my trainee days, it’s not my actual story (Seo Eunkwang and Lee Changsub: Not long ago, we have concluded the recordings, it was a hopeful and sweet song. It’s somehow very fantasy-like.)

Im Hyunsik: Sungjae-ya, if you were to have activities, what do you want to do the most?

Yook SungJae: I’m interested in pictorials. I’ve even told the agency so. Among our seniors, I heard that 4minute’s Gayoon noona always appeared on pictorials, I think it would be interesting if I could do one with her. I should do one with Vogue Girl (laughs)! I’ve been practicing my acting skills even before we debuted. Since I’m still a student, I hope to have a drama with a school setting. I really enjoyed ‘School 2013’, and the recent ‘I heard your voice’.

Yook Sungjae: Peniel-Hyung, you now appear on international broadcast station Arirang TV, how do you think of KPOP globally? To what extent, do you think that KPOP can succeed in the future?

Peniel: I was raised in Chicago. I’ve been in Korea for 3 years, and before that, not many people knew about KPOP. PSY sunbaenim played an active part, and although it has now grown much better than previous, in the future too, it is important to work even harder. I’m now trying out as an MC of Arirang TV Music program. I explained in detail on Korean movies, Korean singers, Korea’s music industry in the past. I hope that would become a help to KPOP. I don’t really speak good Korean, so, was this answer correct? Did I say it accurately?

Peniel: MinHyuk-hyung has risen as a sports-dol recently, how do you feel about it?

Lee MinHyuk: I’ve gotten first place in ‘Idol Star Sports Championship’. There are many advantages to it. First of all, I have a character, and I could leave a strong impression. All these are things, I’m really grateful of it. If I were to say the disadvantages of it, then it would be future frustrations such ‘What if I used too much of my body?’. Well, of course, I would do well in everything I do in the future.

Lee MinHyuk: Hyunsik is in charge of the manliness and sexy image of the team. Well, you claimed so. It seems like you’ve been busy tanning lately, you’re tanning so as to show your body?

Im Hyunsik: During my trainee days, I worked out a lot. I wanted to participate at a body builder tournament. In the end, I couldn’t make it to the tournament, but my muscles were still there even after a year had passed. If I were to refine it a little more, even when it comes to exposing, I think I would do it more confidently, so I tanned it. I don’t diet. As long as you have good mind control, diet is possible.

Im Hyunsik: Changsub-hyung enrolled in university, as well as undergoing activities as a singer. I’m on temporary leave from my university. I want to know if it’s difficult to have both going in parallel?

Lee Changsub: I’m now in HoWon University pursuing practical music course, but it’s stressful mentally. Whenever there is a clash between classes and schedules, I would have to get acknowledgment letters from the lecturers. I couldn’t focus on classes, so my grades aren’t really good. If I were to say honestly, my MIDI results was an F. When I first saw my score, it felt as if I’m surrounded with poisonous gas. I’m now self-learning on my subjects, and the passion is growing.

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Lee Changsub: Look here, Donggeun (Peniel). How could someone have such broad shoulders?

Peniel: I sometimes swim as part of my hobby, but my bone structure was originally like this, since birth. I don’t do other exercises. I wanted to lose some fats, but when I’m hungry, I would eat… and a little more, but I eat mainly healthy food. I’m working out too. But I dislike having much muscles, so I just do weights that are suitable for me.

Peniel: IlHoon! You’re BTOB’s lead rapper, where do you get your inspiration?

Jung IlHoon: I listened to many foreign songs, but I really respect Dynamic Duo’s album this time round. It feels like their songs never stop at one place. They don’t stick to their standard songs, but them always changing is really good to look at.

Jung IlHoon: Eunkwang-hyung is our leader, how would you evaluate yourself?

Seo Eunkwang: First of fall, I think that being the leader of the team is important. I feel that I’m lacking in many parts. The relationship between our team members are quite good? Everyone are kind and doesn’t cause much of a problem. Isn’t this because of the leader? I think I did well (laughs)

Seo Eunkwang: MinHyuk, you’re shooting for your solo cut right now. Why is it you?

Lee Minhyuk: I think it should be like this. I shouldn’t give up my position as the team’s visual. While on the way here, I’ve actually said that I would give it to Eunkwang. I’m sorry, Eunkwang-ah. I knew that this time I would be the one taking the solo cuts (Laughs).

Lee MinHyuk: Sungjae’s really good looking, everyone knew about it. But I saw you talking to yourself, saying that you’re handsome. What was that all about?

Yook Sungjae: That’s how I think. Because I say that I’m good looking, that’s why I become even more good looking. I really do live along with a mirror. What I think of myself would be what others think of me. Would you like to be loved from anyone? Then, please praise and love yourselves more. Whenever you say how pretty or handsome you are, you will discover yourselves.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Vogue Girl


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