[Newsen] ‘MCountdown’ winner BEAST, Giving all out for encore stage

BEAST was crowned #1 on MCountdown which was broadcast on 1st August.

The nominees for today’s MCountdown was BEAST and Ailee, but BEAST won over Ailee and has shown their excitement through the encore stage.

After BEAST Yoon Doojoon expressed thanks to Cube Entertainment staffs, “It seems like fans troubled for this, we’re apologetic as well. We thank everyone who put in efforts in giving us this award”.

Yoon Doojoon continued, “President Hong SeungSong is not in good condition, I hope this would help him recover his health” and, “The weather is bad, but thank you for coming as well. B2UTYs, we thank you and we love you”, he said.

For their encore stage, BEAST wore shinning tears, while Son Dongwoon and Yoon Doojoon rapped Yong JUnHyung’s part, as well as putting on other performances excitingly. The members also sang each other’s part together, expressing their winning excitement.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen 



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