[From Cube (130731)] Hello, This is Hong SeungSong

Hello. This is Cube Entertainment President Hong SeungSong.

To every fans who have been lovingly supporting BEAST that has recently receiving lots of love and spending busy days with their Korean comeback, today too, I want to express my deep gratitude.

Regarding the November Japanese fan meet which was revealed yesterday, the whole employees of Cube Entertainment are putting in committed effort to consider each and and every fan’s worried thoughts on the matter.

But, there’s no exception either in other matters too. We think of the safety of every artists who stood on global performances, staffs, and audiences as our main priority. We have absolutely no reasons to undergo a performance that does not have a secured safety. No matter how small the matter is, we consider not only the artists’ past and current situation, but we also discussed fully about their long term views.

Also, regarding various rumors spreading through SNS, we have yet to release an official view, towards this, we express our deep regrets. Cube wants to reveal all the possibilities to fans who are worried right now. We have sought various views from industry experts, concluded and coordinated the matter after reviewing them meticulously.

If there’s any second where their safety cannot be guaranteed, if the stages are already being set up, we will consider deeply every other alternatives.

Matters that brings out the light of artists, matters that allow them to choose their futures when standing at crossroads, communication with fans, and answers to fans’questions, every of these matters, in the future too, Cube will not ignore any one of them.

Like now, in the future too, we will create more days with different emotions, so we hope for your support and encouragement. Thank You.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Cube Entertainment Official Website


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