[Star News] ‘1 vs 100’ Doojoon dissed member JunHyung + Reveals reason to his similar poses

Idol group BEAST member Yoon Doojoon reveals that he’s the second cleverest member in the group while playfully dissed member Yong Junhyung.

On the 30th July broadcast of ‘1 vs 100’, Yoon Doojoon who guested expressed his aspiration, “Other members guested on ‘1 vs 100’ before, but they weren’t able to play their part much. I have personally returned to restore BEAST’s name.” Previously, member Yang Yoseob was eliminated at the 6th round, while Yong JunHyung built an infamous name for BEAST when he was eliminated at the first round.

MC Han SukJun asked, “Did you receive any advice from Yong JunHyung?”, and Yoon Doojoon answered, “Yong JunHyung was eliminated in the first round, so he was not in the position to give advice. I came here completely ignoring his advice”, he said, causing a sea of laughter.

He continued, “In the group, I’m the second cleverest member. First place goes to maknae Son Dongwoon. That friend does well in studies and he’s really knowledgeable. So, I think I’m second in the team”, he embarrassingly confessed.

He then concluded the issue with a heartwarming sentence, “Although Yong JunHyung failed at the first round, he has a jewel-like presence in ‘BEAST.'”

Meanwhile, Yoon Doojoon failed at the 4th round.

He has also revealed the reason as to why his poses in sponsor pictures are always the same. When girl group Skarf asked “What’s the reason behind the same poses in sponsor pictures”, Yoon Doojoon explained that it was because he was “Embarrassed”.

He further said, “I’m embarrassed when taking sponsor pictures. I would laugh whenever I’m embarrassed” and, “I’ve taken almost more than 100 pictures with the same pose. I was really shy so last year onward, I stopped taking sponsor pictures”, explaining with a laugh.

Girl group Skarf then asked for advice on “How to pose well in sponsor pictures”, and Yoon Doojoon answered, “Chill as you take them. This is the best way”.

MC Han SukJun mentioned about soccer, “You’ve become a topic when you’re training to be a soccer player during your school days” and Yoon Doojoon modestly replied, “It’s nothing actually, It seems to surfaced since I’m a celebrity.”

He added, “I watched all local and foreign soccer match” and, “I’m also a member of the celebrity soccer team”, leaving a smile.

Regarding the ace of the team, Yoon Doojoon chose Kim Junsu, Lee Kikwang and Yang Yoseob. He also revealed that he’s in charge of the midfielder of FC Men.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Star News (1) (2), Newsen, Sports Chosun


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