[Newsen] Lee JungHyun expresses likes for Yang Yoseob, “Hope to have a duet”

Lee JungHyun showed her affection for Yang Yoseob.

Singer Lee JungHyun recently guested on MBC radio station ‘2 o’clock date with Park KyungRim’ and had mentioned BEAST member Yang Yoseob.

During the broadcast day, Yang Yoseob’s ‘Caffeine’ was played, which is followed by a passionate reaction from Lee JungHyun.

Lee JungHyun strongly praised, “Listening to this song makes me see idol group BEAST in a different light. Yang Yoseob-gun’s voice is really…”.

DJ Park KyungRim asked, “What if you can have a duet song with Yang Yoseob in your next album?”. Lee JungHyun smoothly replied, “I think I will have to request for a featuring or a duet next time”.

Lee JungHyun further added, “Not long ago, I’ve met BEAST in the waiting room, and screamed ‘Yang Yoseob!!’ right immediately. The other members of BEAST seemed to be a little disappointed” and, “In fact, I like BEAST”, as she concludes the topic.


Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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