[Naver] Jung SukHee’s Column – Interview with ‘MONSTAR’ Yong JunHyung

(Extract from Kim WonSuk director-nim’s interview)

Jung: It feels like this drama is tailor-made for Yong JunHyung. Yong JunHyung-ssi and director-nim seemed to come well together in producing this drama.

Kim WonSuk director: Both of us go well with each other. The writer values Yong JunHyung a lot and wrote the script to complement his personality. I think it’s fun to fuse the natural person Yong JunHyung and fictional haracter ‘Yoon SeolChan’ together. For example, when Yoon SeolChan reads the text message from Minsei and rushed over, what he said to the managers were actually spontaneous reactions. Even when we finished acting as written in the scripts, we waited for ‘cuts’ without rushing over it. We would wait for what he would say, and then bring them to life. This can only happen when actors have the same background as the character. It feels just right to portray his very own personality in the character.

Jung: Having to act as ‘Yoon SeolChan’, it has a different meaning right?

Yong JunHyung: Although we are in our 5th year since debut, I don’t really have much activities other than featurings. This (acting experience) has a deep meaning to me. I made my debut in acting, and landed a role as the lead character.

Jung: You’ve acted naturally, unlike a rookie in acting.

Yong JunHyung: When I was in AnYang Arts High School, I’ve took films and theater courses. Other than that, I don’t have other experiences. But I’m really keen in trying to act in movies or dramas. This drama seemed to have tailor-suited me, so I’m not sure if this has helped.

Jung: ‘Yoon SeolChan’ is a character that matches Yong JunHyung-ssi. Did the producer considered you in mind and made the character that way?

Yong JunHyung: After I was cast, the producers were the one who tailored the character to suit me. It helped me, in the sense that I’m able to do my part well. I heard many people around me saying that ‘Yoon SeolChan’ reminded them of me myself. But, I don’t have such personality. Of course, as we shoot for the show, I cracked lots of joke, but there’s many part of the character which differs from my personality. Anyhow, I think I’m starting to follow after ‘Yoon SeolChan’s character. But if I’m not close to a person, I won’t laugh or talk to them that much. And I don’t have Yoon SeolChan’s mood swings (laughs).

Jung: So you have tried to strip yourself from BEAST and live a different life, How was it?

Yong JunHyung: I worried a lot. I fear that from the perspective an actor, I’m indeed an idol who does not do well in acting. Since I landed a main role because of fans and popularity. So, I’ve spoken to our colleagues straightforwardly when I first met them. But even then, I felt unease. I am thankful to those who encouraged me later on.

Jung: Ahn NaeSang-ssi or Lee HeeJin-ssi, you had different experiences working with these actors, right?

Yong JunHyung: When I first filmed with Ahn NaeSang senior, we didn’t speak much, I was really nervous that day. And because of that, I continuously made mistakes with my lines. But I somehow felt that I’ve realized something that day. He helped me to pull out my potential more than I’ve expected, and after that day too, he gave many suggestions. Lee HeeJin senior was a little difficult. Even as a singer, she’s a great senior, and I was a fan of MBC drama ‘The ㅠest Love’. But we couldn’t talk much throughout the shoot. In our last dinner gathering, we didn’t talk much because I was at unease. But we did greet each other after that.

Jung: I’ve heard that you shot for ‘MONSTAR’ and produced BEAST album at the same time.

Yong JunHyung: I don’t know how did I spend the past three months. I worried whether if I could cope with two sides. But I went through it, and I feel that I can do anything right now. Lately BEAST’s promotions have started, and as we prepared for concerts and music broadcast stations, although it was mentally tiring, I don’t really feel anything (Laughs). If I were to say how have I grown through this period, then I would say that I’ve grown stronger. The expression of growing ‘stronger’ is the most accurate word! I actually complained a lot to my manager hyung. It’s nothing like ‘Yoon SeolChan’ (laughs). There were times where I had 4 nights without any sleep. At times like that, when I’m the onlt one stopping, people around were busy moving around. With this thought, I did it until it turns out to be like this. (Laughs). But, I’m very proud now.

Jung: There wasn’t any time for dance practices, but looking at your performance stage, your dancing skills are still there.

Yong JunHyung: Other members learnt it first, and I learned it in about one or two days. Whenever there’s breaks in between of our filming session, I would practice.  Other friends said it was funny. But I just couldn’t stay put not even for awhile (laughs).

BEAST Shadow

Jung: What type of student are you when you’re in school?

Yong JunHyung: In my first and second year of high school, my goal was to be a theater actor. Upon entering university, I wanted to stand on the theater stage. It was the time when my passion burns more than I knew. And, I love writing then. My passion to write lyrics started but producing songs came long after my debut. I played at places where composers do their work. Now, when I have nothing to do, I’ll be shutting myself in the producing room. Having said that, it’s not that I compose continuously. I drink a cup of coffee while resting. And when an idea pops up, I’ll work on it. It’s just my daily routine.

Jung: Did you continuously act?

Yong JunHyung: Like how director-nim said, you feel like that you’re tired and about to die, but no matter how difficult it is, it’s addictive when you’re working on the scene. After you’ve ended the shooting session, somehow you’ll miss it.

Jung: Do you want to return to that time?

Yong JunHyung: Nope. I don’t want to go back there. (Laughs) This production is an exciting experience. It’s definitely fun to read scripts with co-actors. But I don’t want to act as a singer in dramas too. If after BEAST promotions ended, and there’s an opportunity to act a character that is not a singer, then I think I would want to take the challenge again.


Yong JunHyung-gun who is already filled with schedules and even started with BEAST promotions had to come for the interview separately without his co-actors. Tomorrow, we will be interviewing his friends, and Yong JunHyung-gun was curious to know who’s next for the interview. When asked who he wished to see the most, he replied while smiling, “I hope to see Kang Haneul”.

(Picture by Mnet, Studio S Kang InHo)

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Naver


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