[TV Daily] Yoon Doojoon expresses love for soccer, “Carries a fold-able goal post”


BEAST Yoon Doojoon has expressed his love for soccer.

On the recent recording for ‘1 vs 100’, Yoon Doojoon revealed that he loves soccer to the extent that he carries a fold-able goal post.

Yoon Doojoon confessed, “During promotions, there isn’t much time for me to play soccer. I felt that my body itches for it, so I brought along a fold-able goal post. We practice at our company’s basement parking lots, and play soccer when there’s spare time. At times when I’m seriously into soccer, I would have to play a match even during times when I’m having a tight schedule, only then I could sleep well.”

Yoon Doojoon who was passionate to be a soccer player since elementary and middle school, is now a member of the celebrity soccer team ‘FC MEN’ alongside JYJ Kim Junsu, Kim Hyunjoong, BEAST Lee Kikwang and many more.

When asked who is the ace of the team, Yoon Doojoon personally chose JYJ Kim Junsu, BEAST’s Lee Kikwang and Yang Yoseob, as well as stealthily mentioning himself.

When it comes to the black-hole of the team, Yoon Doojoon chose 2AM Seulong without hesitation. The reason will be revealed on the coming 30th July broadcast.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Daily


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