[Star News] BEAST actively conducts comeback promotions in Korea and Japan ‘Busy Busy!’


Male idol group BEAST is spending their time back and forth between two borders (Korea and Japan)

Making their comeback in the music scene with the recent release of ‘Hard to love, How to love’ album, BEAST has departed for Japan from Incheon International Airport this afternoon.

On the upcoming 30th and 31st July, the boys will be holding their solo concert, titled ‘2013 BEAUTIFUL SHOW’ in Yokohama Arena. They had finally returned to meet local Japanese fans after a year and 4 months since their last arena performance in March last year.

The members will then return to Korea on August 1st to continue their promotional activities on ‘MCountdown’, ‘Music Bank’, ‘Music Core’, ‘Inkigayo’ and many more broadcast programs. On August 3rd, BEAST is scheduled to perform for singer Kim JangHoon’s ‘DMZ Peace Concert’. It was also revealed that the official homepage to ‘DMZ Peace Concert’ was down on the 29th of July due to the high influx of visitors.

After concluding that week of music broadcast schedules, they will continue ‘BEAUTIFUL SHOW’ in Kobe, Japan on the 6th and 7th August. BEAST will also make an appearance in AVEX collaborated concert, A-Nation on August 5th.Cube Entertainment representative expressed, “With their July comeback as the starting point, the members will be undergoing tight schedules with the planned concerts, music programs, variety programs and many more. They are currently handling it happily with fans in mind” and, “For the time being, BEAST will be going back and forth between Korea and Japan”, they expressed.

Meanwhile, BEAST has started their promotional activities with title track ‘Shadow’, which was released on the 19th July.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Star News, TV Report



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