[Newsen] ‘1 vs 100’ Yoon Doojoon reveals “Jang Hyuk is a chatterbox”

Yoon Doojoon has revealed the actual personality of Jang Hyuk.

BEAST Yoon Doojoon has revealed a little behind story with co-star Jang Hyuk in ‘IRIS 2’ during the recordings of KBS ‘1 vs 100’.

Jang Hyuk was reported to have given a lot of advises to Yoon Doojoon, since it was Doojoon’s first attempt in action drama.

At first, they shared talks about acting and built a strong relationship. Not long after the drama ended, the two went to the same boxing gym and became even closer as they work out together. However, it was revealed that Doojoon has his grievance. It was none other than Jang Hyuk’s talkative personality, which differs very much from his quiet image.

Yoon Doojoon reveals, “While working out, I would want some break in between. He would approach me during these times. He will have this serious image on, and give me advises such as, ‘When you act, just think of acting, when you sing, just think of singing'” and, “In a flight to film ‘IRIS2’, he sat next to me, and talked to me throughout the flight, so I pretended that I was asleep.”

Two years ago, Yoon Doojoon appeared as the 100 participants. BEAST was put to embarrassment when member Yong JunHyung was eliminated in the first round. And with this reason, Yoon Doojoon aspired to restore BEAST’s reputation in this episode.

Meanwhile, BEAST Yoon Doojoon’s ‘1 vs 100’ episode will be aired on the 30th July at 8.50PM.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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