[OSEN] ‘Section TV’ Yoseob reveals perfect abs + Kikwang claims that he grew 0.7cm taller

BEAST member Yang Yoseob has revealed his perfect abs.

On the 28th July of MBC ‘Section TV’, BEAST received an interview not long before their BEAUTIFUL SHOW 2013 concert starts, and muscled arms in the music video were mentioned.

Yong JunHyung revealed, “We revealed his arms, and fans were very interested on whose arms were those. But it seems like not many guessed it was Yoseob’s”. Yoseob bitterly responded, “It was indeed my arms”.

He then revealed his perfect chocolate abs. Regarding his secret behind such abs, he revealed, “I boxed for 5 months.”

비스트 이기광이 활동을 이어오며 키가 0.7cm 컸다고 자랑하고 있다. /MBC 섹션 TV 연예통신 방송 캡처

Meanwhile, Lee Kikwang proudly boasted that he has grown slightly taller as he promotes.

During ‘Section TV”s interview, Lee Kikwang expressed, “Among our stylists, there’s one tall noona. Whenever I see her, it hurts my pride as a man. So I’ve re-measured my height, and I was 0.7cm taller”, as he gives a heartwarming laugh. Height has been his complex all these while, and it seems that Kikwang is now happy with his unforeseen growth,

Yoseob quickly added, “I looked at Kikwang, and decided to re-measure my height. But it was still the same”, bringing laughter to the interview.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN, Sports Seoul.


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