[News Town] BEAST member Yang Yoseob gives a touch of love to flood victims

Group BEAST member Yang Yoseob has donated a total of 2.74 tonnes of rice wreaths for charity purpose.

Dreami Rice wreath which were collected during BEAST’s 2013 Beautiful Show has been donated according to Yang Yoseob’s wish on the 26th. 1 tonne of rice wreath will be donated to Gangwan-Do ChunCheon City flood residents, 500kg  to social welfare organization, SeungGaWon, 500kg to rare disease support organization YeolDol, and 740kg to Seoul ShinChon Church  which totals up to 2.74 tonnes.

The 2.74 tonnes of Yang Yoseob donated rice wreath came from fans of different nation. The rice wreath was delivered as to commemorate the days where BEAST held their solo concert ‘2013 BEAUTIFUL SHOW’ on the 20th and 21st July.

Today, Dreami, representing Yang Yoseob, made a visit to ChunCheon City Hall and met up with the JeonJu deputy mayor for the donation ceremony. The deputy mayor expressed, “Rice of 1 tonne that was donated by Yang Yoseob-ssi and his fans will give a lot of strength to the flood residents” and, “We express our grateful heart”, he said.

When the ceremony ended, Dreami went with the community center staffs in Toegye-dong to distribute rice to the residents suffered from flood since last 14th July. Residents in Toegye-dong are mostly made up of  senior citizens who are 60 years old and above.They were deeply affected with the recent flood.

Yang Yoseob’s domestic as well as foreign fans started raising donations from Dreami since 2010 December during BEAST’s first concert, followed by 2011 February Encore concert, March musical ‘Gwanghwamun Sonata’, August Cube Concert. And, 2012 January during Yang Yoseob’s birthday. February BEAST Concert as well as in November during the release of Yang Yoseob’s solo album.

In 2013, fans also donated for February ‘United Cube Concert’, May ‘Caffeine’ debut in Japan and many more. All these have totaled up to 8.465 tonnes of Dreami rice wreath and 1,550 pieces of charcoal sent as an encouragement to Yang Yoseob. The 8.465 tonnes of rice wreath which was accumulated throughout these events will be able to feed around 70,000 mouths.


Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: News Town


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