[Star News] ‘Sketchbook’ Yoon Doojoon perplexes at BEAST’s ‘Rolling Paper’

On the broadcast of ‘Yoo HeeYeol’s Sketchbook’, BEAST Yoon Doojoon faced embarrassment at the ‘Rolling Paper’ written by BEAST members themselves.

On this day, the members expressed their grateful and sorry hearts among each other. For Doojoon in particular, the members wrote messages on the rolling paper such as “I’m sorry for not accepting your impersonation”, “It is hard trying to laugh”, which attracted attention.

Upon MC Yoo HeeYeol’s request, Yoon Doojoon impersonated Ahn SungKi, Shin MunSeon, Lee SunGyun, Lee SeungYeop and many more.

However, his representative impersonations sounded the same and the members apologized on his behalf, resulting in a wave of laughter in the studio.

Yang Yoseob also made a striking transformation. Upon his second appearance on the show, Yoo HeeYeol commented, “You looked obviously different than last time.”

Yang Yoseob explained that this was because he had managed to reduce his weight through workout and diet plans.

Meanwhile, Lee Kikwang’s striking hairstyle received laughter as he explained that he changed his hair color “Because I’m an Idol”. He continued, “I don’t usually choose such radical hairstyle, but I changed it to be more idol-ish”.

Yoon Doojoon who was emancipating his manly charms with a sleeveless outfit was referred by Yoo HeeYeol himself that, “This is our first time meeting each other, but your image and mine seemed to be the same”, which shocked Yoon Doojoon upon hearing such comment. Yoo HeeYeol continued, “Did you copy my hairstyle?”, and Yoon Doojoon quickly responded, “That’s true. It’s my honor”, entertaining the audiences seated in the studio.

Son Dongwoon personally played the piano to today’s episode as well, and even cheered himself at the end of the performance. Yoo HeeYeol who was mesmerized by the melody said, “He did well, but he suddenly ended it with a shout”.

According to Yoon Doojoon, in a previous interview with the production crew, Son Dongwoon personally asked for a chance to perform. When asked if he’s feeling good, he honestly replied “It’s good”

Yoo HeeYeol pointed out Jang Hyunseung’s 4D character. He said, “Just now, too, you were dancing strangely”. With a good suggestion from Dongwoon to play the piano, Hyunseung put on his 4D dance for the classic accompaniment melody, giving rise to laughter in the studio.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Star News, TV Report (1) (2)


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