[Newsen] ‘Smiles’ Hyuna reveals lovely sexy dance + Gayoon appears as a gagwoman!

Hyuna made a sudden reversal on ‘Search for Smiles’ (T/N: ‘웃음을 찾는 사람들’, Short as ‘Smiles’) in ‘Love is…ing’ corner of the show.

On this day, Hyuna appeared on stage and fluttered many male audience. Hyuna acted as gagman Jung MinKyu’s former girlfriend, and created laughter with venomous remarks in a cute yet sexy tone, resulting in a sea of laughter among the audience. Hyuna danced to their new song ‘Is It Poppin?” on stage, showing her charms as a fairy. Among the audience, member Nam JiHyun, Jeon Jiyoon and Kwon SoHyun cheered passionately for Hyuna’s acting stage.


Meanwhile, 4minute’s Heo Gayoon even presented a comical performance.

On this day, ‘개투제라블’ corner had parodied contents from ‘The legendary hometown nine-tailed fox’. In order to save his dad who is facing a life crisis, Heo Gayoon sang ‘I dreamed a dream’, showcasing her amazing vocals”.

As a repayment to 4minute members who supported them from the audience, Heo Gayoon put on a comical performance which differs from her usual neat appearance, which had the audiences laughing.

Meanwhile, ‘Smiles’ will be aired on 28th July.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen, SBS ETV


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