[eDaily] ‘Comeback’ BEAST, and even rises as thoughtful-dols, “Sow the first button correctly”

‘컴백’ 비스트, 개념돌 등극까지 “첫 단추 잘 꿰맸다”

(Most parts of the original article are already translated in previous articles. Refer to (1)  (2) )

BEAST has also expressed their anticipation for their upcoming solo concert in  Busan on the coming September.

Lee Kikwang revealed, “We are currently practicing Busan dialects for the concert We will show interesting satooris such as ‘It’s living'”, as he smiled.

Son Dongwoon continued, “Busan is my hometown. All these while, we’ve been busy holding world tours abroad, we have yet to hold a local concert other than in Seoul. Towards local fans, we’re really sorry” and, “Although it’s a little upsetting that we will be holding only one concert in Busan, in the future, we would like to meet fans from various regional”, stating his wish.

Meanwhile, BEAST will be making a comeback on ‘Music Core’ later today,

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: eDaily


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