[OSEN] BEAST reveals, “We had 12 people staying in a 17 Pyeongs house” + Abs

Idol group BEAST has revealed a difficult life in the past.

BEAST member Lee Kikwang, Yang Yoseob and Son Dongwoon guested on the 25th July broadcast of Happy Together, Yang Yoseob revealed that, “12 people were staying together in a 17 Pyeongs house. There were six members, and six managers.”

Lee Kikwang continued, “The bathroom was our largest problem. When we have to leave in urgent, and we had to take a shower, we would shower together too.” He added, “When we’re really in a rush to use the bathroom, we would solve the problem by going to the commercial center opposite our house”, which further garnered attention.

BEAST further revealed that they had to spend below 6,000 Won for each meal. Yang Yoseob said, “It was to the extent that we eat together with the restaurant workers”.

In particular, Son Dongwoon lately revealed, “I grew up in a good environment, so it was very hard for me.” He continued, “We have been living like this for about two years. But after that, we moved to a 50 Pyeong house, and now, the six of us are living in a 100 Pyeong house”, he boasted.

Regarding their earnings after debut, they revealed, “It was a negative figure at first. Upon settling those debts, we started to generate 8 million Won. We couldn’t believe it. It seemed improper to use that amount of money, so we gave it to our parents instead”.  Lee Kikwang explained, “In the following few years where BEAST did well, we purchased buildings for our parents”, shocking everyone on set.

Meanwhile, on the same episode, Yang Yoseob has revealed his well-trained abs. Member Son Dongwoon revealed, “In the past, Yang Yoseob would be ‘I am the cute image’ and will buttoned all the way down when he sleeps. But after his body has become fitter, he would walk around without shirts on”.

Lee Kikwang who has always been keeping a fit body expressed, “Lately, in order to be sexier, I’ve tanned it” as he revealed his copper skin and six packs.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN (1) (2) Newsen


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