[Newsen] BEAST reveals handwritten message as encouragement for Yong JunHyung “You’re a Star”

BEAST has revealed handwritten messages.

Korea’s best idol group BEAST has recently expressed their encouraging hearts for top idol star, Yoon SeolChan (acted by Yong JunHyung) in the drama ‘MONSTAR’. BEAST had sent heartwarming encouragements to the lead star Yong JunHyung through the handwritten messages.

Yoon Doojoon who acted earlier in dramas than JunHyung wrote a plain but warm message,  “SeolChan-ah, you’ve worked hard for the drama shoot”. The other members wrote, “Yoon SeolChan! You’re a star..A Star”, “SeolChan-hyung, although you’re a star, I’m a star too”, “Yoon SeolChan, I’m a better top star”, in which they parodied Yoon SeolChan’s famous line “I’m a Star..A Star” in the drama, causing laughter among those who saw the messages.

Yong Junhyung had a hard time as he shoots for the drama as well as preparing to debut as an album producer. Through ‘MONSTAR’, Yong JunHyung received good comments on his acting. Meanwhile, as he produced the whole tracks for BEAST’s second album, viewers are once again surprised at his capability as a musician. In order to achieve two roles as a singer and as an actor, Yong JunHyung worked harder than any time of his life, thus, BEAST members’ messages were even more heartwarming.

Meanwhile, the drama that discovered ‘actor’ Yong JunHyung are left with only two episodes.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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