[OSEN] Son Dongwoon reveals embarrassing story, “Fans only wanted Lee JongSuk’s autograph”

BEAST member Son Dongwoon has revealed a short story about Lee JongSuk and female fans.

During the recording of KBS 2TV ‘Happy Together’, he revealed that he and Lee JongSuk are university friends, and “One day when I and Lee JongSuk were sitting at a cafe drinking coffee, female students from around gradually flocked to the cafe to ask for signatures”.

Although Son Dongwoon was there, most female fans approached Lee JongSuk. He revealed his hurtful pride then, as he said on the show, “I’m a BEAST member too.”

Son Dongwoon continued, “This is not the only thing that happened. Once, I was waiting on the stairs for my friend to drive the car over. Someone pulled over and asked me to park his car”, causing laughter on the set with his confession.

Son Dongwoon also revealed his nickname on set today, “I am known as ‘Son Nam Shin’, which means ‘Male God’. So, fans called me Son Nam Shin. I made that name up”, expressing his high confidence level.

비스트 손동운이 자신을 손남신이라 부르며 강동구 원빈이 별명이었다고 자랑해 화제를 모으고 있다. /스포츠서울닷컴DB

Yang Yoseob added, “He has the Son Nam Shin gestures as well” and, “Previously on a concert, Dongwoonie started the ‘Son Nam Shin’ name, and now there’s the ‘Start of Son Nam Shin’ gesture as well. Whenever he does that gestures, fans will understand and cheer ‘Son Nam Shin’ and follow after his moves.

Towards this, Park MyungSoo asked, “Do you think that you’re handsome?”, and Dongwoon replied, “I knew about it when I was young. I was called ‘Kang Dong Gu’s WonBin”, flaunting his good looks which caused a sea of laughter on set.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN, Sports Seoul


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