[Newsen] BEAST appears on ‘Sketchbook’…Reveals worries and dreams

BEAST has successfully concluded the recordings for ‘Sketchbook’ on the 23rd July.

BEAST’s agency spoke to Newsen on the 24th, “BEAST has concluded the recordings for ‘Sketchbook’ on the 23rd July. It was a long time since their appearance on the show, so everyone was really happy.”

He continued, “BEAST has performed ‘Shadow’, ‘Beautiful Night’ and many more hit songs. Meanwhile, Son Dongwoon also played the piano”, further heightening the anticipation for the show.  It was also revealed that fans were passionate about their appearance.

It was also revealed that member Jang Hyunseung performed a free-style dance during Son Dongwoon’s sweet piano melody, revealing the charms of a dancing machine.

Celebrating their 4th year anniversary this year, BEAST revealed, “During this blank period, we were worried if fans would leave us since there are many idols nowadays” and, “We worried a lot, like what should we do if the concert venue was not filled up”, they confessed.

The members of BEAST further revealed their ultimate dream.

When asked about their ultimate dream, Yong JunHyung revealed that he wanted to be a person who works behind the scene.

Lee Kikwang followed by saying that he wants to be good in variety of aspects, which includes acting, variety, playing soccer, and singing. He ultimately said that he wanted to be like soccer player Ronaldo.

Meanwhile, Jang Hyunseung wants to produce a male soloist. Yang Yoseob said he wanted to be a good father and a good husband, while maknae Son Dongwoon hoped that BEAST will be a long-lasting group like ShinHwa.

This episode will be broadcast on the 26th July 12.20PM.

Trans: Newsen (1) (2) (3)


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