[eToday] Yang Yoseob reveals, “Wanted to steal Kikwang’s mic during back dancer days”

Idol group BEAST has revealed an episode in the past.

BEAST has talked about their difficult road from when BEAST debuted till the day they became successful.

Prior to the formation of BEAST, it was revealed that the members were actually cut-offs from other debuting groups, while Lee Kikwang was the first to make his name known with ‘AJ’ debut. And because of these various reasons, BEAST was labelled as a ‘Recycled Group’ during the early days.

Yang Yoseob confessed, “We started our activities as a back dancer of soloist Lee Kikwang then” and, “It’s not only me, other BEAST members Yong JunHyung and Yoon Doojoon were back dancers for him too. It was till the extent that I wanted to steal Lee Kikwang’s mic”, confessing his sadness then.

He continued, “During Lee Kikwang’s last stage, we promised to show ourselves together at the ending. But during the actual stage, they did not carry out their promises. I was the only one panicking on stage”, causing laughter on set.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: eToday


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