[eToday] ‘Happy Together’ Battle of the Beasts! BEAST Yang Yoseob reveals abs

A battle between the Beasts have taken place during the 25th July broadcast of Happy Together 3.

Titled, ‘Beastly-dols vs Beastly-men’, the special corner of the show had beastly-dols, BEAST Lee Kikwang, Yang Yoseob, and Son Dongwoon up against committed beastly-men RyuDam, Park HweeSun, and Noh WooJin.

BEAST who have returned to the variety scene after the release of their second full album, had  talks about their debut times and activities they carried out during the past year of blank period, spending a laughing time with the cast of ‘Happy Together’.

In particular, Yang Yoseob who is famous for his baby looks has recently gained attention for his new-gained muscles. He revealed, “In the past, I would take off my clothes firstly with my arms. Now, I can take them off with the ‘X’ stripping style. (ie revealing his abs first)”, revealing a change in his life after training.

Actor-dol Lee Kikwang re-acted a scene from ‘My Friend is still Alive’ drama special. It wasn’t easy to get into an emotional character, but Lee Kikwang even put on his crying act on the show, surprising the ‘Happy Together’ cast.

Meanwhile, Happy Together will be aired on Thursday night 11.20PM.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: eToday


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