[OSEN] ‘One year of thirst quenched’… BEAST records passionate audiences of 25,000 at solo concert

Holding a solo concert a year after their last comeback, popular boy group BEAST has finally quenched their thirst for stages.

BEAST held their solo concert, titled Beautiful Show 2013 on the 26th. They held another concert on 21st as well. In total, they’ve recorded 25,000 of audiences.

Waking from the one year of blank period, the boys met up with fans and performed solo as well as duo tracks on stage. They sang drama OSTs. In particular, the unit duo Yoon Doojoon with his keyboard and Yong JunHyung with his new style was the attention of the day. The two sang ‘I am a Man’, while emancipating their manly charms.

Yang Yoseob sang his first solo song ‘Caffeine’ and ‘Look at me now”. The member who received praises from BEAST themselves, Son Dongwoon put on his own solo stage that highlights his voice the most. Lee Kikwang even performed ‘Dancing Shoes’ and the upgraded version of ‘Wipe the tears’. Jang Hyunseung put on a powerful yet emotional performance stage as well.

Today, BEAST has performed Shadow which was revealed on the 19th together with a few tracks from the new album. Prior to the release of their album, BEAST has released ‘Will you be alright’, and ‘I’m Sorry’ as digital singles. They’ve even won first on broadcast programs despite zero promotions.

The concert started with ‘Black Paradise’, ‘Midnight’ and ‘Breathe’ with no breaks in between. ‘Beautiful Night’, ‘On Rainy Days’, ‘Beautiful’, ‘Fiction’, ‘Special’, ‘Shock’ and other more hit songs as well as album tracks such as ‘It’s Not Me’, ‘When I Miss You’, ‘I like you the best’ and ‘Freeze’.

Last year, Yang Yoseob started his solo activities while Yoon Doojoon and Yong JunHyung met fans through their act in dramas. It was a long time for BEAST as they stand side by side with each other and with fans. The members expressed different thoughts as well for such meaningful event.

Lee Kikwang expressed, “Everyone have been waiting a long time. All those we want to show all these while, we will be showing one by one. We want to show everything through this concert”. Yoon Doojoon continued, “I hope that we can have such concert next year too. We can’t guarantee if there’s a concert next year. We have to stay in the entertainment industry. And we would like to repay those who have given loves to us”, he promised.

Known to be a fan of BEAST, actress Seo ShinAe and Kim SaeRon came together for the concert, which has attracted attention.

Meanwhile, Yang Yoseob even revealed that BEAST will be holding another concert in Busan for the coming September.

He said, “In September, BEAST will be going to Busan. We will be going there and hold a concert there”.

Son Dongwoon continued, “We’re sorry that we’re always going overseas and meeting up with fans became less often. Rather than many fans come to see us, I think it’s better for the six of us to meet up with everyone, right?” explaining the reason behind the plan.


Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN (1), (2)



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