[Newsen] How did BEAST spend the past one year? ‘Variety aspects’

BEAST has expressed the state when they are having a year of break.

During the press conference for BEAUTIFUL SHOW 2013, BEAST has revealed how they spent the last year.

Son Dongwoon expressed, “The comeback was intended to be around May, but we were worried if there will be a better song or concept, so we have decided to release the album as well as holding the concert together. During this period, I’ve spent my time going to school. I learned, exercised and tried to improve my skills.”

He continued, “I’ve concluded the musical well too. I did the musical ‘Catch Me If You Can’. And because of that, I think I was able to improve and develop a little bit in this album promotions. I feel that it’s a musical that helps to build my foundations. If there’s any more good opportunities, I would like be part of an amazing production again,” he added.

Yong JunHyung expressed, “I’ve started to film in my first drama ‘MONSTAR’ as well as preparing hard for BEAST album. Not only me, during these time, everyone of the members develop their own skills.” Yang Yoseob added, “I’m thankful that JunHyung-gun’s ‘Caffeine’ was well-written, and I’ve been successful in concluding my solo promotions with the many loves of everyone. Other than that, I’m practicing a lot and working out too,” he expressed.

Yoon Doojoon continued, “I filmed for movies and dramas. I’m really thankful for all those activities. I missed the stage a lot. We often perform overseas as well as local perforamances, but being able to stand on this large concert venue makes me feel thankful and honored. Next year too, I will run further to have such stages again,” stating his promise.

Jang Hyunseung commented, “I was spending time working out and practicing to improve myself. I think this improving period helps a lot, and that have helped me to work harder for this promotions. Lee Kikwang said, “I’m the same as other members. I worked out and starting a little on learning how to compose. Recently I’ve been cast in a short drama and had shot for it. Moreover, I’ve been practicing insanely with the members for this concert”, he revealed.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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