[Newsen] BEAST Yoon Doojoon, “The palanquin message was taken from my mother’s letter”

Yoon Doojoon has revealed the story behind the palanquin message.

During the press conference for BEAUTIFUL SHOW 2013, BEAST Yoon Doojoon received a question regarding the palanquin message which has become the hot topic on internet.

Previously, Yoon Doojoon’s conversation with the members “When you are on a palanquin, instead of thinking how high it is, please think of those lifting the palanquins first”, leaving a message to encourage staffs. This has gained him praises for being a thoughtful leader.

Yoon Doojoon laughed, “We don’t normally share serious stuffs in our kakaotalk chatroom.”

He continued, “As we prepare for this concert, I as well as the members seriously felt pressured mentally. I’ve read my mother’s letter when she wrote to me last time. My mother would write something meaningful she saw elsewhere, and then she’d write to me. And I shared it to the members in the kakaotalk chatroom”, he explained.

He said, “Unintentionally, as it was out on the internet, there were those who condemned as well as those who thought that I made it myself. It seems that this happened through Yoseob-gun’s personal SNS. I thought of it as a meaningful quote, and so to gain more courage, I’ve left it in the chatroom. I think that has given an important realisation to BEAST”, he expressed.

He further said, “We might think that holding this large-scaled concert as something granted, but such thoughts will lead to conceit ion and arrogance. So, I wrote such message to remind the members,” he added.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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