[Newsen] BEAST highly praises, “Son Dongwoon is a threat to the main vocalist position”

Son Dongwoon has emerged as a growing-dol.

BEAST held a press conference for BEAUTIFUL SHOW 2013 on the 21st July, and the members have pointed Dongwoon as the member who has developed the most.

BEAST who is making a comeback after a year of blank period, when asked to suggest a member who has grown the most, all of them unanimously chosen Son Dongwoon.

Lee Kikwang explained, “Dongwoon-gun grew even more as he does his musical. During the recording for ‘Shadow’ too, he did very well in the recordings, wanting to show an even better song”. Jang Hyunseung continued, “All six of us grew a lot during this period, but among us, I think maknae Dongwoon-gun grew maturer in his vocalist. He would randomly sing a high-noted adlibs and it’s good. It’s obvious that his adlibs line became better, and as a Hyung, I feel happy for him”.

Yoon Doojoon expressed, “I want to recommend Dongwoon-ssi as well. He worked very hard. He worked harder than expected. As a Hyung, I am proud and there are many things I can learn from this maknae”.

This was followed by Yang Yoseob, “I want to choose Dongwoon-gun as well. Dongwoon-gun really practices his singing every day. He seems to aim at my main vocalist position. I felt threaten too, so I’ll work hard to take care of my position. Let’s do better together”, he added on wittingly.

Yong JunHyung who is in charge of the producing chose Dongwoon as well. “During the album recordings, I was really shocked. I wanted to take Yoseob’s part and give it to him. It was to that extent. In the future too, I hope he’ll show an even improved look”, he praised.

The main character of the conversation expressed, “This is embarrassing. I feel good about it and I, too, will choose myself, of course”, he joked wittingly and, “Holding a concert after a year.. During this period, I think all of us grew on different aspects, through musicals, dramas, solo albums. Of course, we have grown only a year older than last year, but as we feel older, and so, we seemed to be maturer. Thank you.”

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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