[TV Daily] Yoon Doojoon proves to be a thoughtful leader, Encourages members for Solo Concert

윤두준 개념리더

Yoon Doojoon is a thoughtful leader.

Group member Yang Yoseob wrote on his Instagram on the 19th, “Like a leader”, together with a picture.

In the revealed picture, it is screen shot of a chatroom among BEAST, which includes Yoon Doojoon’s conversation. Yoon Doojoon expressed, “While sitting on the palanquin, rather than the height of the palanquin, do think of those who are lifting the palanquin first” and, “Let’s encourage all the staffs and end it well”.

Son Dongwoon even “hope for the best condition” for their upcoming solo concert.

Yoon Doojoon’s thoughtful proof shot had netizens commenting, “Indeed like a leader”, “Yoon Doojoon should be called as a thoughtful leader”, “Yoon Doojoon as well as all BEAST members worked very hard for this, I hope they will show good results” and many more responses.

Meanwhile, BEAST will be holding their solo concert ‘BEAUTIFUL SHOW 2013’ on the 20th and 21st July.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Daily


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